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Recent revisions

2685. By jonastoth 21 hours ago

[clang-tidy] Fix 32bit platform MSVC

The previous fix only worked for 64bit MSVC, this one should fix all different

2684. By jonastoth 22 hours ago

[clang-tidy] Fix buildbot for msvc

The testcase defined `FILE` as `unsigned long`, but MSVC expect `unsigned long long`.

2683. By jonastoth 22 hours ago

[clang-tidy] introduce legacy resource functions to 'cppcoreguidelines-owning-memory'

This patch introduces support for legacy C-style resource functions that must obey
the 'owner<>' semantics.

- added legacy creators like malloc,fopen,...
- added legacy consumers like free,fclose,...

This helps codes that mostly benefit from owner:
Legacy, C-Style code that isn't feasable to port directly to RAII but needs a step in between
to identify actual resource management and just using the resources.

Reviewers: aaron.ballman, alexfh, hokein

Reviewed By: aaron.ballman

Subscribers: nemanjai, JDevlieghere, xazax.hun, kbarton

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D38396

2682. By hokein 22 hours ago

Support Objective-C/C++ source files in check_clang_tidy.py

check_clang_tidy.py currently only handles C and C++ source files.

This extends the logic to also handle Objective-C (.m) and
Objective-C++ (.mm) files.

However, by default, clang compiles .m/.mm files using Objective-C 1.0
syntax. Objective-C 2.0 has been the default in Xcode for about 10
years, and Objective-C Automatic Reference Counting (ARC) for about 6
years, so this enables both by default.

(Clients which actually want to test clang-tidy checks for Objective-C
 1.0 or non-ARC files can pass custom flags to check_clang_tidy.py
 after --, which will disable the Objective-C 2.0 and ARC flags).

I did not add logic to handle running clang-tidy on Objective-C header
files alone; they also use the .h file extension, so we'd need to
look inside their contents.

I included a new test to confirm the new behavior.

Depends On D38963

Patch by Ben Hamilton!

2681. By hokein on 2017-10-18

New -assume-filename=param to check_clang_tidy.py (like clang-format)

Currently, check_clang_tidy.py includes logic to select default
clang flags based on the extension of the source filename passed
as the first argument.

Since the source filename might be a temporary or test file with an
arbitrary extension unrelated to the file type, this adds the ability
to override the logic the same way `clang-format`'s -assume-filename=
parameter does.

I included a test with a nonstandard file extension. I confirmed
when I modified the warning message that the new test failed,
and that it passed again when I restored the warning message.

Ran tests with:

% cmake -G Ninja /path/to/llvm
% ninja check-clang-tools

Patch by Ben Hamilton!

Reviewers: hokein, alexfh

Reviewed By: hokein

Subscribers: alexfh

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D38963

2680. By ioeric on 2017-10-16

[change-namespace] do not change type locs in defaulted functions.

Reviewers: hokein

Subscribers: cfe-commits

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D38893

2679. By alexfh on 2017-10-13

[clang-tidy] Add a regression test for google-readability-namespace-comments

Add a regression test for the google-readability-namespace-comments bug
introduced in r315057 (reverted in r315580).

2678. By alexfh on 2017-10-12

Revert "Fix nested namespaces in google-readability-nested-namespace-comments."

This reverts r315057. The revision introduces assertion failures:
assertion failed at llvm/tools/clang/include/clang/Basic/SourceManager.h:428 in
const clang::SrcMgr::ExpansionInfo &clang::SrcMgr::SLocEntry::getExpansion()
const: isExpansion() && "Not a macro expansion SLocEntry!"
Stack trace:
    clang::ast_matchers::internal::(anonymous namespace)::MatchASTVisitor::MatchVisitor::visitMatch()
    clang::ast_matchers::internal::(anonymous namespace)::MatchASTVisitor::matchWithFilter()
    clang::ast_matchers::internal::(anonymous namespace)::MatchASTVisitor::matchDispatch()
    clang::ast_matchers::internal::(anonymous namespace)::MatchASTVisitor::TraverseDecl()

Still working on an isolated test case.

2677. By sammccall on 2017-10-12

[clangd] less boilerplate in RPC dispatch

Make the ProtocolHandlers glue between JSONRPCDispatcher and
ClangdLSPServer generic.
Eliminate small differences between methods, de-emphasize the unimportant
distinction between notifications and methods.

ClangdLSPServer is no longer responsible for producing a complete
JSON-RPC response, just the JSON of the result object. (In future, we
should move that JSON serialization out, too).
Handler methods now take a context object that we may hang more
functionality off in the future.

Added documentation to ProtocolHandlers.

Reviewers: ilya-biryukov, bkramer

Reviewed By: ilya-biryukov

Subscribers: cfe-commits

Differential Revision: https://reviews.llvm.org/D38464

2676. By alexfh on 2017-10-12

Fix the google-readability-namespace-comments-cxx17 test after r315060.

Restore the file extension. Make the namespace longer than the
ShortNamespaceLines so that the check triggers.

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