Code review comment for ~paelzer/ubuntu/+source/qemu:ubuntu-eoan-4.0

Christian Ehrhardt  (paelzer) wrote :

This time I took the chance to switch from the historically grown branches/repos in ubuntu-virt and on salsa to our common scheme based on git Ubuntu.
For the transition we have three branches in case you are interested.

Branches in git+ssh://
ubuntu-eoan-3.1 - old style based on Debian branch at debian/qemu-3.1+dfsg-2
ubuntu-eoan-3.1-GU - new style identical based on git ubuntu import/1%3.1+dfsg-2
   matches 1:1 pkg/ubuntu/eoan-devel, but now with commit history
   We might need this ubuntu-eoan-3.1-GU until a real rebase from
   Debian to pick up all commits
In my repo we now have:
ubuntu-eoan-4.0 - new MP for qemu 4.0 into Eoan based on pkg/ubuntu/eoan-devel

Until then we can do this (and vice versa)
 $ git rebase -i ubuntu-eoan-3.1-GU --onto import/1%3.1+dfsg-2ubuntu5


DFSG with the packaged tools
./debian/ 4.0.0
getting upstream version 4.0.0 ...
--2019-06-24 13:45:00--
extracting source in qemu-4.0.0-tmp and cleaning up ...
repacking to qemu_4.0.0.orig.tar.xz

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