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Christian Ehrhardt  (paelzer) wrote :

HI Richard, I was seeing your comment only now.
In the past it was "always metadata", then the change we try to fix came along and defined it
as "if capacity == allocation, then fallocate, otherwise metadata" (well up until my patch it didn't do what the commit meant to achieve, but that was the thought.

I was mostly looking at the wording vs the code and tried to fix it.
But revisiting it you might be right in that it might be an error on it's own if capacity<allocation.

Possible conditions:
- capacity==allocation now and before my change falloc
- capacity>allocation now and before my change metadata
- capacity<allocation (seems invalid anyway)

We are back at myself wanting virt-manager to submit a different XML (less allocation) to get metadata - I've already requested that on the upstream bug for it.

I'll carry your thoughts forward, maybe the wording in the initial commit was wrong?
We will see.
If you want to continue to discuss this it would be great to do so on the ML:

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