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Proposed by Christian Ehrhardt 
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laney (+52/-0)
pitti (+82/-0)
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Description of the change

Testing openvswitch is still broken by the kernel, this bumps the force-badtest and also limits it to i386 as this is the only arch affected.

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Christian Ehrhardt  (paelzer) wrote :

Note that James Page had a similar bug open - we duped them together to coordinate better, but despite work by Kernel team and on OVS the fixes are complete yet.
Therefore asking for the bump to the badtest for now.

Unmerged revisions

2732. By Christian Ehrhardt 

duped bugs for openvswitch issue, update comment

2731. By Christian Ehrhardt 

bump version of openvswitch as infra is still broken

2730. By Stefano Rivera

dulwich is repeatedly failing on s390x due to some FS race

2729. By Steve Langasek

badtest pinentry/arm64 also

2728. By Andy Whitcroft

snapd: kick hint down the road

Signed-off-by: Andy Whitcroft <email address hidden>

2727. By Andy Whitcroft

sphinx is a victim of unrelated test failures

Signed-off-by: Andy Whitcroft <email address hidden>

2726. By Steve Langasek

badtest freeipa

2725. By Steve Langasek

badtest systemd/amd64 for now

2724. By Steve Langasek

badtest dogtag-pki

2723. By Steve Langasek

badtest kdepim-runtime/{ppc64el,s390x}

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1=== added file 'adconrad'
2--- adconrad 1970-01-01 00:00:00 +0000
3+++ adconrad 2018-01-03 17:16:24 +0000
4@@ -0,0 +1,73 @@
5+# This is regressed with s390x moving to kvm, xnox working on fixes:
6+force-badtest systemd/235-2ubuntu3/s390x systemd/235-3ubuntu2/s390x
7+# Ran out of patience and ran i386/amd64 coyote tests manually:
8+force-skiptest plplot/5.13.0+dfsg-6ubuntu2 gnudatalanguage/0.9.7-6
9+# No code changes, breaking update-manager upgrades:
10+force-skiptest gnupg1/1.4.22-3ubuntu2
11+# Consistently times out on armhf:
12+force-badtest snapcraft/2.34+17.10/armhf
13+# Regressed in release pocket:
14+force-badtest mash/1.1.1-2build2/armhf mash/2.0-2/armhf
15+force-badtest cinder/2:11.0.0-0ubuntu2/s390x
16+force-badtest node-chokidar/1.7.0-1/s390x
17+force-badtest node-platform/1.3.4-3/s390x
18+force-badtest node-yargs/6.4.0-2/armhf
19+# These tests fail now that s390x provides isolation-machine:
20+force-badtest dahdi-linux/all/s390x
21+force-badtest gsequencer/1.1.4-1/s390x
22+force-badtest libdata-uuid-libuuid-perl/0.05-3build1/s390x
23+# This test randomly times out only on i386 and has done so for eons:
24+force-badtest kwin/4:5.10.5-0ubuntu1/i386
25+# This test is flaky as all get out:
26+force-badtest golang-gopkg-lxc-go-lxc.v2/0.0~git20161126.1.82a07a6-0ubuntu7/amd64
27+# Click should never have had users on ppc64el, so carefactor zero:
28+force-badtest click/0.4.46+17.10.20170607.3-0ubuntu1/ppc64el click-apparmor/0.3.18/ppc64el
29+# Test is flaky on all arches, it's a miracle it passed once:
30+force-badtest pglogical/2.0.0-1
31+force-badtest pglogical/2.1.0-1
32+# It's a mystery that this ever passed:
33+force-badtest libffi-platypus-perl/0.45-1/amd64 libffi-platypus-perl/0.45-1build1/amd64
35+force-badtest beets/1.3.19-2.1/i386
36+# The only remaining failure is a chicken-and-egg with lxc images not existing yet:
37+force-skiptest debootstrap/1.0.91ubuntu2
38+# Regressed in release pocket:
39+force-badtest twisted/16.6.0-2ubuntu3 twisted/17.9.0-1
40+# Depends on x86-only libngs-java
41+force-badtest beagle/all/armhf beagle/all/ppc64el beagle/all/s390x
42+force-badtest fastqc/all/armhf fastqc/all/ppc64el fastqc/all/s390x
43+# Depends on stuff no longer built:
44+force-badtest libcatmandu-store-mongodb-perl/all/i386
45+force-badtest roary/all/armhf roary/all/s390x
46+force-badtest pbgenomicconsensus/all/i386
47+# Not built on i386, the test might not work:
48+force-badtest pbh5tools/all/i386
49+# Not built on ppc64el or s390x, so whee:
50+force-badtest phyml/all/ppc64el
51+force-badtest phyml/all/s390x
52+# Mysteriously passed once, and never again:
53+force-badtest vagrant-libvirt/0.0.40-1/amd64
54+# Racy test, debugging in progress, but shouldn't prevent dep migration:
55+force-badtest libpam-alreadyloggedin/0.3-6
56+# Regression exists in release and proposed:
57+force-badtest r-bioc-annotationhub/2.8.1-1build1 r-bioc-annotationhub/2.10.1-1
58+force-badtest r-bioc-biocparallel/1.10.1-1build1/s390x
59+# Alignment error exposed by no longer doing fixups on test infra:
60+force-badtest ruby-ferret/
61+# Infra-related, not the package:
62+force-badtest libdbd-mysql-perl/all/s390x
63+# debootstrap's tests are a flaming heap in containers:
64+force-badtest debootstrap/all/s390x
65+# ACC Test broken by new GCC:
66+force-badtest purpose/1.1-5ubuntu2
67+force-badtest gpgmepp/16.04.3-2
68+force-badtest libkf5kdgantt2/4:16.04.3-0ubuntu1
69+force-badtest telepathy-logger-qt/15.04.0-2
70+# fails only on lxc hosts
71+force-badtest sbuild/all/armhf sbuild/all/s390x
72+# Not a regression from the previous version:
73+force-badtest kdepim-runtime/all/armhf
74+# profnet-snapfun test is regressed in both release and proposed:
75+force-badtest profnet/1.0.22-4build2
76+# needs to be taught about bionic, queued for 2.29:
77+force-badtest snapd/2.28.5+17.10
79=== added file 'apw'
80--- apw 1970-01-01 00:00:00 +0000
81+++ apw 2018-01-03 17:16:24 +0000
82@@ -0,0 +1,62 @@
83+# While copying kernels forward from xenial it rather too easy for linux
84+# to slip out without the testing being fully reviewed. As britney is not
85+# able to track previous failures correctly for kernels.
86+block linux
87+block linux-raspi2
88+block linux-snapdragon
90+# Development kernel unblocks:
91+unblock linux/4.13.0-17.20
92+unblock linux-raspi2/4.13.0-1008.8
93+unblock linux-snapdragon/4.4.0-1081.86
96+# arm* removed in zesty-proposed hint in-progress tests against them.
97+force-badtest sunpy/all/armhf
99+# dkms failures here are actually kernel 4.9 related
100+force-badtest kpatch/0.3.2-3ubuntu1
102+# broken by python 2.7
103+force-badtest freecad/0.16+dfsg2-3build3/ppc64el freecad/0.16+dfsg2-3build3/s390x
104+force-badtest freecad/0.16.6712+dfsg1-1/ppc64el freecad/0.16.6712+dfsg1-1/s390x
105+force-badtest freecad/0.16.6712+dfsg1-1build1/ppc64el freecad/0.16.6712+dfsg1-1build1/s390x
106+force-badtest freecad/0.16.6712+dfsg1-1ubuntu1/ppc64el freecad/0.16.6712+dfsg1-1ubuntu1/s390x
108+# python-pysam does not (and never has) built on armhf and i386
109+force-badtest python-pysam/all/armhf python-pysam/all/i386
111+# ginggs -- monkeysign ... unexpected pass
112+force-badtest monkeysign/2.2.3/i386 monkeysign/2.2.3/ppc64el
114+# kde is splittins apps out of this package, it is not relevant to those split apps.
115+force-badtest kde-baseapps/4:16.04.3-0ubuntu1
117+# 14-feb-2017: armhf test non-installable
118+force-badtest python-cobra/all/armhf
120+# wireguard should never have got into a stable release (LP: #1685522)
121+block wireguard
123+# ginggs: this is an old existing error on armhf, masked by another error in all arches.
124+force-badtest r-cran-dplyr/0.5.0-1ubuntu4/armhf r-cran-dplyr/0.7.4-2/armhf
126+# samtools got removed on armhf and s390x
127+force-badtest winff/1.5.5-4/armhf
129+# lttgng-modules failure on ppc64el is an internal compiler error
130+force-badtest lttng-modules/2.9.0-1ubuntu3/ppc64el
131+force-badtest lttng-modules/2.9.0-1ubuntu4/ppc64el
133+# python-scipy/i386 is failing due a bug in the tests, do not want to trigger
134+# a whole new set of tests to fix it.
135+force-badtest python-scipy/0.19.1-1ubuntu1/i386
137+# snapd/s390x testing is failing becuase it is now in nova
138+force-badtest snapd/ snapd/
140+# openssl/1.0.2g-1ubuntu14 being held by an unrelated ruby test failure
141+force-skiptest openssl/1.0.2g-1ubuntu14
143+# two failing tests are not related to sphinx
144+force-skiptest sphinx/1.6.5-3
146=== added file 'arges'
147=== added file 'brian-murray'
148=== added file 'cjwatson'
149=== added file 'freeze'
150=== added file 'jriddell'
151=== added file 'kitterman'
152=== added file 'laney'
153--- laney 1970-01-01 00:00:00 +0000
154+++ laney 2018-01-03 17:16:24 +0000
155@@ -0,0 +1,52 @@
156+# isolation-machine, needs thunderbird which isn't available
157+force-badtest firejail/all/s390x
159+# 21/11 17:37:35 <ginggs> would some kind soul please 'force-badtest r-bioc-ensembldb/2.2.0-1' ? all of the autopkgtests now need which is 75MB in size and no plans to package it in debian
160+# (testsuite to be dropped in debian with the next upload)
161+force-badtest r-bioc-ensembldb/2.2.0-1
163+# someone manually triggered these, unfortunately logs don't go back far enough
164+force-badtest akonadi-calendar/4:17.04.3-0ubuntu1/s390x akonadi-calendar/4:17.04.3-0ubuntu1/ppc64el
165+force-badtest libkf5eventviews/4:17.04.3-0ubuntu1/s390x libkf5eventviews/4:17.04.3-0ubuntu1/ppc64el
167+# acheronuk asked for this to be ignored, will report upstream (LP:
168+force-badtest konqueror/4:17.04.3-0ubuntu1
170+# passed once by fluke on armhf it seems
172+force-badtest ostree/all/armhf
174+# according to xnox, autopkgtest-build-lxc doesn't work in nplan-only images
175+# any more we're switching to cloud VMs soon for s390x; don't invest time in
176+# fixing the LXC backend up right now. Drop this when we're switched over.
178+force-badtest nplan/all/s390x
181+force-badtest libreoffice/1:5.4.2-0ubuntu5/i386 libreoffice/1:5.4.3-0ubuntu1/i386
183+# mongo isn't built for armhf/i386 any more
184+force-badtest flask-mongoengine/all/i386
185+force-badtest mongodb/all/i386
186+force-badtest flask-mongoengine/all/armhf
187+force-badtest mongodb/all/armhf
189+# FTBFS, no package on this arch, unclear how it passed(!)
190+force-badtest python-fitsio/all/armhf
192+# Field3D only supports Ogawa-backed files on little-endian systems.
193+force-badtest field3d/all/s390x
195+# @INC problem; not perl 5.24
196+force-badtest eekboek/2.02.05+dfsg-2
197+force-badtest slice/1.3.8-13
199+# pre-existing, skipped last time
200+force-badtest parcimonie/all/s390x
202+# bad test which fails if the test runner can't reach the public Internet.
203+# LP: #1427982
204+force-badtest libtest-requiresinternet-perl/0.05-2
206+# kubuntu doesn't care about s390x
207+force-badtest okular/all/s390x
209=== added file 'pitti'
210--- pitti 1970-01-01 00:00:00 +0000
211+++ pitti 2018-01-03 17:16:24 +0000
212@@ -0,0 +1,82 @@
213+# new PEP-8 errors with zesty's newer pep8 tool; don't bump!
214+force-badtest rpmlint/1.9-6
216+# segfaults on 32 bit
217+force-badtest baloo-kf5/all/i386 baloo-kf5/all/armhf
219+# LP: #1510060
220+force-badtest apt-clone/0.4.1ubuntu2
222+# started failing with move to lxd on armhf
223+force-badtest pbuilder/all/armhf
226+# blacklisted for test runs as they kill testbeds
229+force-badtest stress-ng/all/ppc64el
232+# flaky, universe, nobody cares in Ubuntu
235+force-badtest beets/all/s390x
236+# times out
237+force-badtest c2esp/all/armhf
238+force-badtest debci/1.7 debci/1.7.1
239+force-badtest elasticsearch-curator/4.2.5-1 elasticsearch-curator/5.2.0-1
240+# takes painfully long, times out on armhf, testing on x86 is enough
241+force-badtest epson-inkjet-printer-escpr/all/armhf
242+# works in manual run
243+force-badtest eso-midas/17.02pl1.2-2build1/s390x
244+# got broken with new python2.7
245+force-badtest flufl.lock/2.4.1-1
246+force-badtest gjs/all/s390x
247+force-badtest gtml/3.5.4-21/s390x gtml/3.5.4-22/s390x
248+force-badtest jsurf-alggeo/0.3.0+ds-1
249+force-badtest julia/all/i386
250+force-badtest libcgi-application-plugin-captcha-perl/0.04-2
251+# broken test if git is installed
252+force-badtest libdist-zilla-plugin-githubmeta-perl/0.52-1
253+force-badtest mercurial/all/armhf
254+# SIGBUS
255+force-badtest ostree/all/i386
256+# flaky on s390x, alwaysfail on others
257+force-badtest palabos/s390x/all
258+force-badtest pdns/all
259+# fails to install in yakkety
260+force-badtest pdns-recursor/4.0.6-1/ppc64el
261+force-badtest pbsuite/all/all
262+force-badtest php-horde-http/2.1.7-1
263+force-badtest php-horde-icalendar/all/armhf php-horde-icalendar/all/i386
264+force-badtest postgresql-multicorn/1.3.3-2ubuntu2
265+force-badtest puppet-module-asciiduck-sssd/0.3.0-1
266+force-badtest python-publicsuffix/1.1.0-2
267+force-badtest python-ruffus/2.6.3+dfsg-4/amd64
268+force-badtest pyzmq/all/s390x pyzmq/all/armhf
269+force-badtest rexical/1.0.5-2build1
270+force-badtest ruby-amq-protocol/all/s390x
271+force-badtest ruby-augeas/1:0.5.0-3build4
272+# Debian #816161
273+force-badtest ruby-awesome-print/1.6.1-2
274+force-badtest ruby-fakeweb/1.3.0+git20131202.48208f9+dfsg-3
275+force-badtest ruby-kaminari/0.17.0-3
276+force-badtest ruby-minitest-excludes/2.0.0-1
277+force-badtest ruby-mixlib-shellout/2.2.6-1
278+force-badtest ruby-rack/1.6.4-4
279+force-badtest ruby-roadie-rails/1.1.0-1
280+force-badtest ruby-sshkit/all/s390x
281+force-badtest ruby-test-unit/3.2.5-1/amd64
282+force-badtest ruby-typhoeus/all/armhf
283+force-badtest ruby-webmock/3.0.1-1
284+force-badtest s3ql/2.23+dfsg-1 s3ql/2.24+dfsg-1
285+# samtools got removed on armhf and s390x
286+force-badtest fastaq/all/armhf fastaq/all/s390x
287+force-badtest smalt/all/armhf smalt/all/s390x
288+force-badtest zodb/1:3.10.5+1.gb28a24c-1
291+# ignored stuff for CI train (vivid)
294+force-badtest nvidia-graphics-drivers-340/all/armhf
296=== added file 'raof'
297=== added file 'stefanor'
298--- stefanor 1970-01-01 00:00:00 +0000
299+++ stefanor 2018-01-03 17:16:24 +0000
300@@ -0,0 +1,8 @@
301+# autodep8 bug #832567
302+force-badtest ruby-cucumber-wire/0.0.1-2
304+# pbbam is currently FTBFS on 32bit Debian: #829741
305+force-badtest pbsuite/15.8.24+dfsg-2/i386
308+force-badtest dulwich/0.18.5-1/s390x
310=== added file 'stgraber'
311=== added file 'tjaalton'
312=== added file 'vorlon'
313--- vorlon 1970-01-01 00:00:00 +0000
314+++ vorlon 2018-01-03 17:16:24 +0000
315@@ -0,0 +1,207 @@
316+# regressed in release due to changed output of 'ip route get'
317+force-badtest freeipa/4.4.4-3ubuntu1
319+# unfortunately unreliable
320+force-badtest systemd/235-3ubuntu2
322+# regressed in release
323+force-badtest dogtag-pki/10.3.5+12-5
325+# how does someone write a tty-related test so bad that it passes in a container and fails in a VM?
326+force-badtest pinentry/1.0.0-3/s390x pinentry/1.0.0-3/arm64
328+# unclear how this test ever passed on Ubuntu, with its misuse of nc and general non-functioning
329+force-badtest zorp/6.0.10-3
331+# Was skipped in lxc, never passed in a vm, should be "always failed"
332+force-badtest lxcfs/2.0.8-1ubuntu2/s390x
334+# Was skipped in lxc, never passed in a vm, not supported on big-endian
336+force-badtest ocfs2-tools/1.8.5-2/s390x
338+# Was skipped in lxc, never passed in a vm, questionable usefulness on s390x/ppc64el given it tests usb camera...
339+force-badtest gvfs/1.34.1-1ubuntu3/s390x gvfs/1.34.1-1ubuntu3/ppc64el gvfs/1.34.1-1ubuntu4/s390x gvfs/1.34.1-1ubuntu4/ppc64el
341+# Did previously pass, but upstream (pitti) say the failing avocado test is bogus and will be removed in the next upload
342+force-badtest cockpit/156-1/s390x
344+# bad test, assumes that architecture has WiFi, urfkill, dhcp. previously it would SKIP on s390x, now it is run in nova-kvm and is treated as a regression rather than an always-failed
345+force-badtest network-manager/all/s390x
347+# Skip tests that fail now that s390x has full VMs
348+force-badtest dahdi-linux/1:2.11.1~dfsg-1ubuntu3/s390x
349+force-badtest firejail/0.9.50-3/s390x
350+force-badtest vagrant-lxc/1.2.1-3ubuntu1/s390x
351+force-badtest c-icap/1:0.4.4-1/s390x
353+# regresses with perl/5.26.1-2ubuntu1 but doesn't look like a perl bug, so don't block perl migration
354+force-badtest libtest-valgrind-perl/1.19-1/ppc64el
356+# postgresql-common hard-codes the list of supported Ubuntu releases and throws a warning if not recognized.
357+force-badtest slony1-2/2.2.6-1
359+# nonsensical error with new perl; allow it to regress to let perl migrate
360+force-badtest libdata-dpath-perl/0.55-1 libdata-dpath-perl/0.57-1
362+# broken with newer glibc
363+force-badtest snapcraft/2.34+17.10/amd64 snapcraft/2.34+17.10/i386
365+# testing triggered from autodep-8: the kernel contains matching modules which causes an installation
366+# failure when used with a kernel which contains them.
367+force-badtest virtualbox/5.1.28-dfsg-3
369+# dependencies removed on these archs
370+force-badtest astroml/all/s390x astroml/all/ppc64el
372+# passed once as a fluke
373+force-badtest libanyevent-httpd-perl/0.93-5/ppc64el libanyevent-httpd-perl/all/s390x libanyevent-httpd-perl/all/armhf
375+# assumes /etc/init.d/networking
376+force-badtest pcs/0.9.159-3ubuntu2 pcs/0.9.161-1
378+# passed once as a fluke
379+force-badtest mbuffer/20161115-1/ppc64el mbuffer/20171011-1/ppc64el
381+# regressed in release
382+force-badtest nut/2.7.4-5.1ubuntu1/s390x nut/2.7.4-5.1ubuntu2/s390x
383+force-badtest mailman3-core/3.1.0-1
384+force-badtest libpoe-component-client-dns-perl/1:1.054-1ubuntu1
385+force-badtest libanyevent-yubico-perl/0.9.3-1/ppc64el
386+force-badtest grr/
387+force-badtest cacti/1.1.27+ds1-3/armhf
388+force-badtest xandikos/0.0.6-2/amd64 xandikos/0.0.6-2/i386
389+force-badtest kio/5.38.0-0ubuntu1/amd64 kio/5.38.0-0ubuntu1/i386
390+force-badtest python-py/1.4.34-3
391+force-badtest bubblewrap/0.2.0-2/i386
392+# hicolor-icon-theme
393+force-badtest pyxdg/0.25-4
395+# tests that hit the network and are proxy-aware but not passing in scalingstack. Infrastructure bug, don't block.
396+force-badtest python-mechanicalsoup/0.7.0-1
398+# regressed in release; maybe related to resolved/netplan.
399+force-badtest ifupdown/0.8.16ubuntu2/ppc64el
401+# regressed in release due to demotion of resolvconf
402+force-badtest open-iscsi/2.0.874-4ubuntu2/amd64
404+# broken by infra; remove badtest asap - still broken, see 1736390
405+force-badtest openvswitch/2.8.1-0ubuntu2/i386
407+# The only test that is run is a rebuild test because the integration test doesn't work in a container; a kernel build takes 7h on armhf, the max a test is allowed to run on autopkgtest is 2h47m. Blacklist this until further notice.
408+force-badtest linux-raspi2/all linux/all/armhf
410+# regressed in release
411+force-badtest udisks2/2.6.5-2ubuntu2/ppc64el
412+force-badtest htslib/1.5-1/i386
414+# flaky
415+force-badtest mysql-5.7/5.7.19-0ubuntu1/i386
417+# passed once as a fluke
418+force-badtest casync/2-1ubuntu1/ppc64el
419+# and flaky on other archs
420+force-badtest casync/2-1ubuntu1/amd64 casync/2-1ubuntu1/i386 casync/2-1ubuntu1/s390x
422+# regressed in release
423+force-badtest pdb2pqr/2.1.1+dfsg-2
424+force-badtest gap-guava/3.13+ds-2/i386 gap-guava/3.13+ds-2/s390x gap-guava/3.13+ds-2/amd64
426+# regressed in release due to compiler strictness (stderr)
427+force-badtest globjects/1.1.0-2/armhf
428+force-badtest mathicgb/1.0~git20170606-1/armhf
429+force-badtest primesieve/5.7.2+ds-2/armhf
431+# testdep removed from archive
432+force-badtest mercurial/4.3.1-2 mercurial/4.4.1-1
434+# now failing with timeouts
435+force-badtest haveged/1.9.1-6/armhf
437+# regressed in release
438+force-badtest yorick/2.2.04+dfsg1-6build1
440+# pandas no longer available on armhf
441+force-badtest lmfit-py/armhf/all
443+# regressed in release (udev/container related)
444+force-badtest pgpool2/armhf/3.6.6-2
446+# still bad
447+force-badtest bareos/14.2.6-3 bareos/16.2.6-1
449+# flaky test
450+force-badtest tracker/all/s390x
452+# flaky / timeouts
453+force-badtest node-tap/8.0.0-4ubuntu5/armhf
455+# regressed in release due to gdata
456+force-badtest r-cran-surveillance/1.13.0-1build1
458+# regressed in release; possibly all due to the same cause of something updating in the perl auto test infrastructure
459+force-badtest license-reconcile/0.14
460+force-badtest libsoap-wsdl-perl/3.003-2
461+force-badtest libjson-validator-perl/0.92+dfsg-1
462+force-badtest libdist-zilla-util-configdumper-perl/0.003007-1
463+force-badtest bioperl/1.7.1-2 bioperl/1.7.1-3
464+force-badtest bio-tradis/1.3.3+dfsg-1 bio-tradis/1.3.3+dfsg-2
466+# mongodb-server is not installable on armhf/i386; this tells us nothing of whether the client works
467+force-badtest python-motor/all/armhf python-motor/all/i386
469+# already broken in release
470+force-badtest ddcci-driver-linux/0.3.1-1/s390x
472+# test deps now unsatisfiable because of kde removals
473+force-badtest kopete/all/ppc64el kopete/all/s390x
474+force-badtest libkf5ksieve/all/ppc64el libkf5ksieve/all/s390x
475+force-badtest kf5-kdepim-apps-libs/all/ppc64el kf5-kdepim-apps-libs/all/s390x
476+force-badtest libkf5calendarsupport/all/ppc64el libkf5calendarsupport/all/s390x
477+force-badtest libkf5incidenceeditor/all/ppc64el libkf5incidenceeditor/all/s390x
478+force-badtest libkf5gravatar/all/ppc64el libkf5gravatar/all/s390x
479+force-badtest libkf5mailimporter/all/ppc64el libkf5mailimporter/all/s390x
480+force-badtest akonadi-calendar/all/ppc64el akonadi-calendar/all/s390x
481+force-badtest libkf5eventviews/all/ppc64el libkf5eventviews/all/s390x
482+force-badtest kdepim-addons/all/s390x
483+force-badtest kdepim-runtime/all/ppc64el kdepim-runtime/all/s390x
485+# non-empty stderr with new g++
486+force-badtest glbinding/2.1.1-1/armhf
488+# passes once in a blue moon, just often enough to gum things up.
489+force-badtest pyzmq/16.0.2-2build2
491+# was already broken but silently passing; failure now exposed thanks to the maintainer
492+force-badtest python-asdf/1.2.1-2/s390x python-asdf/1.3.1-1/s390x
494+# regressed in release by unknown means
495+force-badtest qbzr/0.23.2-2ubuntu2/ppc64el qbzr/0.23.2-2ubuntu2/s390x
497+# regressed due to new warnings from gcc
498+force-badtest fast5/0.5.8-1build3/armhf ciftilib/1.5.1-1 ciftilib/1.5.1-1build1
500+# regressed in release pocket
501+force-badtest octave-io/2.4.7-1build1/armhf octavio-/2.4.8-1/armhf
503+force-badtest aptdaemon/1.1.1+bzr982-0ubuntu17
505+# "blacklisted", self-explanatory.
506+force-badtest upstart/blacklisted libnih/blacklisted linux/blacklisted/i386 linux/blacklisted/amd64 linux/blacklisted/ppc64el
507+force-badtest stress-ng/blacklisted
509+# regressed in release in some way related to gphoto2 tests
510+force-badtest umockdev/0.9.2-1
512+# regression of unknown origin
513+force-badtest kpatch/0.3.2-3ubuntu1/amd64
515+# As requested by yofel: testing needed to allow a xenial SRU.
516+force-badtest plasma-framework/all/s390x
518+# breaks with firefox 49, which (with this hint) we are allowing into the release
519+force-badtest y-u-no-validate/2013052407-3
521+# bad test, but better to have this package in xenial and unblock things than leave it on the list
522+force-badtest guessit/0.11.0-2


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