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234. By Jonathan Riddell on 2011-01-10

* Merge from debian, remaining changes
  - Add ubuntu_01_null_selection_crash.diff
   - Add a new backend role for updating the whole distro: UpgradeSystem
      (Richard Hughes)
   - Allow backend to encode the package origin in the package-id
      (Richard Hughes)
   - Added PK_ERROR_ENUM_CANNOT_FETCH_SOURCES when refreshing cache
      fails (Daniel Nicoletti)
   - Add recommendation repo:foo' to be able to return all packages in a
      certain repository (Richard Hughes)
   - Change the spec to recommend 'category:web-development' rather than
      '@web-development' (Richard Hughes)
   - Spawn KDE Debconf frontend if KDE is running (Matthias Klumpp)
   - aptcc: Added GStreamer search (Daniel Nicoletti)
   - aptcc: Fix regex not to match "()(64bit)" as we don't support
      multiarch anyway (Daniel Nicoletti)
   - aptcc: Port away from PK_BACKEND_OPTIONS (Daniel Nicoletti)
   - aptcc: Set the env proxy vars so that Apt::Acquire is not
      overwritten, fixes LP: #633008 (Daniel Nicoletti)
   - aptcc: Use the new PK_ERROR_ENUM_CANNOT_GET_LOCK (Daniel Nicoletti)
* Added libnspr4-dev build-dependency
* Switch to dh_python2
* Allow every user to set proxy
* Refreshed patches
* Build-Depend on python >= 2.6.6-3+squeeze4
* Switched back to compat level 7
* Removed patches which were applied upstream
* Add build-dep on libnspr4-dev so that the browser plugin can build
  - update debian/control
* Fix ubuntu_01_null_selection_crash.diff to include pk-backend-aptcc.cpp
* Add ubuntu_01_null_selection_crash.diff from
  cd7a8c4c121d86d6b57aa5 Fix LP: #691474 bug which caused a crash when
  the Section() of a package was NULL
* Bumped debhelper version & added Gitignore
* Changed control file indentation
* Add support for GLib 2.24; thus upload to unstable
* Build with -Wl,--as-needed to avoid large dependencies
* Add myself to uploaders
* Require privileges to install updates (Closes: #606092)
* Break old backends and depend on the new ones (Closes: #606133)
* Adjusted Vcs information to link to our new Git repository
* Added series file for Ubuntu to apply Ubuntu-specific patches
   (like the vendor patch for example)
   - This is the first release of PackageKit to support session
     configuration helper support in the GLib and Qt libraries.
   - This allows debconf to work when using PackageKit on Debian.
   - A formal transaction lifecyle is now in place, which allows future
     extensions to hook into the transaction at certain points.
* Disabled introspection support
  (requires a more recent version of gobject-introspection)
* APTcc proxy patch from upstream (makes APTcc use APT proxy settings)
* Upstream patch for some APTcc crashes
* Make dh_makeshlibs ignore non-public libraries. This prevents it from
  including an useless shlibs-controlfile into the packages.
* Merged some patches from Ubuntu
* Initial release (Closes: #468132)

233. By Jonathan Riddell on 2010-11-11

Update Vcs- lines in debian/control

232. By Jonathan Riddell on 2010-11-11

* Add 07_apt_proxy.patch from upstream
  Fixes LP: #633008
  "kpackagekit won't honor apt proxy setings"
* Add 06_aptcc_crash.patch from upstream
  Fixes http://bugs.kde.org/253930
  KPackageKit crashed after clicking on "Check for new updates"
* Add 04_aptcc_changelog_support.patch and
  05_aptcc_changelog_support_2.patch recommended by upstream for
  changelog support

231. By Jonathan Riddell on 2010-09-20

update debian/patches/series

230. By Jonathan Riddell on 2010-09-20

Add patches from upstream as recommended by author,
01_aptcc_fonts_group.diff 02_packagekit_qt_set_hints.diff

229. By Jonathan Riddell on 2010-09-06

* New upstream bugfix release
* Remove branch_update.diff, applied upstream
* Don't set ScanDesktopFiles=false in defaults.patch

228. By Jonathan Riddell on 2010-08-25

* Add branch_update.diff from Daniel Nicoletti for updates to aptcc:
 - downloadSpeed is now emmited
 - when downloading multiple files at the same time
   do it properly
 - Installing progress was highly improved
 - Detection of update type is fixed and improved
 - Turn off autoremove
* In defaults.patch set MaximumItemsToResolve=5000, aptcc is fast
  enough to handle a large number
* Fix typo in packagekit-backend-aptcc description
* Build-dep on gobject-introspection because autoconf is being autoconfy

227. By Jonathan Riddell on 2010-08-09

releasing version 0.6.7-0ubuntu1

226. By Jonathan Riddell on 2010-08-09

* New upstream release.
* Drop 20packagekit_error.diff, applied upstream.
* Make packagekit depend on packagekit-backend-aptcc without alternative
  dependencies as the default config requires it. (LP: #613412)
  - Move the apt and smart backends to Suggests.
* Add python and python-packagekit to the packagekit-backend-aptcc
  dependencies as get-distro-upgrade.py requires them. (LP: #614168)

225. By Jonathan Riddell on 2010-08-05

fix version

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