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67. By Chris Coulson

releasing package oxide-qt version 1.8.3-0ubuntu0.14.10.1

66. By Chris Coulson

* Update to v1.8.3 (see USN-2677-1)
  - Bump Chromium rev to 44.0.2403.89
  - Fix LP: #1301419 - Add clipboard integration
  - Fix LP: #1326070 - Add support for context menus
  - Fix LP: #1375272 - Add WebView.webProcessStatus API so that embedders
    can be notified of render process crashes
  - Fix LP: #1410996 - Add WebView.mediaAccessPermissionRequested API
  - Fix LP: #1456267 - Flush profile data before the application is suspended
    by lifecycle management. Fixes an issue where Cut the Rope game state
    is not saved in some cases
  - Fix LP: #1244335 - Add LoadEvent.httpStatusCode API
  - Fix LP: #1312260 - Add WebView.findController API for find-in-page
  - Fix LP: #1408267 - Discard OTR BrowserContexts when not in use. This
    means we now discard the in-memory profile when the browser exits private
    browsing mode
  - Fix LP: #1445585 - Drop workarounds for the old browser header bar
  - Fix LP: #1446831 - Include the resources necessary for chrome://tracing/
    to work
  - Fix LP: #1455128 - Clear the gesture pipeline when navigating between
* Refresh gross-hack-for-dual-ffmpeg-build.patch

65. By Chris Coulson

releasing package oxide-qt version 1.7.9-0ubuntu0.14.10.1

64. By Chris Coulson

releasing package oxide-qt version 1.7.8-0ubuntu0.14.10.1

63. By Chris Coulson

* Update to v1.7.8
  - see USN-2610-1
  - Bump Chromium rev to 43.0.2357.65
  - Fix LP: #1452407 - Shutdown abort due to BrowserContext leak
  - Fix LP: #1449660 - Shutdown deadlock due to a race condition in
  - Fix LP: #1435831 - Support EGLImage compositing path
  - Fix LP: #1435835 - Improve synchronization between webview and UI
  - Fix LP: #1422408 - Enable accelerated canvas on Arale
  - Fix LP: #1426567 - Enable pinch-viewport on desktop
  - Fix LP: #1439829 - Select the correct GL platform when the Qt platform
    is "mirserver"
  - Fix LP: #1399195 - Improve network callback event tests
  - Fix LP: #1415662 - Cancelling a network request in onBeforeRedirect has
    no effect
  - Fix LP: #1422920 - Add LocationBarController.show(),
    LocationBarController.hide() and LocationBarController.animated
  - Fix LP: #1433472 - navigator.language doesn't work
  - Fix LP: #1435418 - Clean up the classes related to the private interfaces
    between the core library and the QtQuick library, making it more obvious
    where code should live
  - Fix LP: #1438902 - Enable webgl on mako
  - Fix LP: #1446864 - OxideQQuickScriptMessage::reply doesn't work with
    Qt 5.4
  - Use the simple backend for the network cache
  - Add EGLFS QPA support
  - Fix cross-compiling armhf builds on x86
* Make sure that liboxideqtquick0 is stripped correctly

62. By Chris Coulson

releasing package oxide-qt version 1.6.6-0ubuntu0.14.10.1

61. By Chris Coulson

* Update to v1.6.6
  - see USN-2582-1
  - Bump Chromium rev to 42.0.2311.135

60. By Chris Coulson

releasing package oxide-qt version 1.6.5-0ubuntu0.14.10.1

59. By Chris Coulson

releasing package oxide-qt version 1.6.4-0ubuntu0.14.10.1

58. By Chris Coulson

* Update to v1.6.4
  - see USN-2570-1
  - Bump Chromium rev to 42.0.2311.90
  - Fix LP: #1442398 - Invalid read in CompositorOutputSurfaceGL
  - Fix LP: #1442458 - Minimum page scale shouldn't be 1 on mobile
  - Fix LP: #1400372 - Keyboard re-appears in webbrowser after dismissing
  - Fix LP: #1429135 - webbrowser-app crashed with SIGSEGV in
    XQueryExtension() on Unity 8 desktop
  - Fix LP: #1411159 - Proper fix for shutdown crash in
    content::GpuChannelHost::Send, removing the workaround from the 1.5
  - Fix LP: #1277659 - Add WebContext.maxCacheSizeHint property, to allow
    applications some control over the network cache size
  - Fix LP: #1427882 - TextureRefHolder will crash if the context is lost
  - Fix LP: #1430478 - Disable the GPU shader cache. Its memory footprint
    makes it inappropriate on mobile devices and it writes the cache to the
    current working directory if WebContext.dataPath isn't set
  - Set the pulse audio media role so that audio output can take part in
    pulse-level stream arbitration
  - Disable webcore debug symbols and link with --no-keep-files-mapped
    on native x86 builds because of linker OOM
  - Add OXIDE_ENABLE_GPU_DEBUGGING environment variable, which corresponds
    to --enable-gpu-debugging in Chrome
  - Fix renderer crash in debug builds when location bar height is set to
  - Remove a spurious DCHECK that fires sometimes when a render process dies
  - Add resources and strings required for built-in webui (eg, chrome://gpu/)
  - Add OXIDE_ENABLE_GPU_SERVICE_LOGGING environment variable, which
    corresponds to --enable-gpu-service-logging in Chrome
  - Miscellaneous fixes for media-hub audio playback
  - Use base::ThreadRestrictions::ScopedAllowIO when constructing
    net::HttpCache, as that makes use of base::CPU which does IO on Arm.
    Fixes a debug-mode startup abort
  - Various component build fixes
  - Don't statically link base in to oxide-renderer just to call
    SetReleaseFreeMemoryFunction. Instead, expose an API from oxide-core to
    allow oxide-renderer to call this without pulling in its own copy of base
  - Only disable use of EGL_EXT_create_context_robustness and
    GLX_ARB_create_context_robustness when the application provides a share
    context that hasn't been created with these extensions
  - Drop support for building with Qt < 5.2
  - Use net::URLRequest::IsHandledProtocol for checking if a scheme is
  - Refactor how the GL implementation is selected, simplifying the code.
    variables for disabling all GPU features or GPU compositing respectively

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