Last commit made on 2017-04-20
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83412c0... by Chris Coulson on 2017-04-20

Bump Chromium rev to a4e34ce (58.0.3029.41)

b2af1b8... by Chris Coulson on 2017-03-30

Bump qt revision to 1.22.1

449d835... by Chris Coulson on 2017-03-30

Bump Chromium rev to 8939746 (58.0.3029.33)

19dd480... by Olivier Tilloy on 2017-03-23

Fix build failure by adding missing include.

f0b6b4a... by Chris Coulson on 2017-03-22

Configure 1.22 release branch

2c0ed8f... by Chris Coulson on 2017-02-28

Add touch editing UI to UbuntuWebView (LP: #1638852)

This is an initial implementation of the touch editing UI for
UbuntuWebView. It currently lacks provision for embedders to customize it -
this will be added later.

Although there are extensive unit tests for TouchEditingMenuControllerImpl,
there are currently no higher level QML tests, as the QML test suite has no
API for simulating touch events. These need to be added later

72960df... by Olivier Tilloy on 2017-03-17

Expose selection text in OxideQWebContextMenuParams (LP: #1669732).

79cf730... by Chris Coulson on 2017-03-17

Bump Chromium rev to 1f01d4d (58.0.3029.19)

53d0882... by Chris Coulson on 2017-03-15

Improvements to JavaScriptDialogContentsHelper unit tests

In ReplaceActiveDialogs and BeforeUnloadDialogShouldDismissActiveDialogs,
we test the correct sequence of JavaScriptDialog Hide() and Show() calls,
but the test doesn't guarantee that the Show() call is delivered to the
new dialog rather than the old one. This change ensures that the test
will fail if that isn't the case.

ac2d2d4... by Chris Coulson on 2017-03-14

Tear down qt::SecurityStatus before WebContents during unit testing to avoid a UAF