Last commit made on 2021-10-05
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40e86a0... by Olivier Tilloy

Move the sudo_wrapper helper to misc.py.

7b211d2... by Olivier Tilloy

Fix stupid typo.

edbab18... by Olivier Tilloy

Also preserve XDG_DATA_DIRS when running ubiquity in a live session.

This fixes opening the release notes hyperlink (and all other hyperlinks)
with the correct application (firefox vs gedit) (LP: #1945658).

c45f9df... by Olivier Tilloy

releasing package ubiquity version 21.10.6

eb8b68a... by Olivier Tilloy

Add debian/changelog entries for unreleased commits.

ac54168... by Olivier Tilloy

Use xdg-open instead of sensible-browser

to open the release notes and other hyperlinks consistently (LP: #1945015).

1be0e9c... by Didier Roche

Fix formatting of error message to not contain markup

db8a70b... by Yuan-Chen Cheng

add pre-install hookdir for oem-config mode.

c1dda4c... by Sebastien Bacher

upload to ubuntu

b6222e2... by Sebastien Bacher

* tests/test_gtkwidgets.py, ubiquity/frontend/gtk_ui.py:
  - use gi.require_version to ensure we import the right gtk bindings
    (lp: #1936488)