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f844b8f... by Mitya Eremeev

Handle host notification without host status

If an user sends host notification without host status:
openstack notification create COMPUTE_HOST <host> <date> '{"event": "STOPPED"}'
logging registers silly error like object None has not method 'upper' and
notification gets status 'running', host is set in maintenance status.
It's impossible to set manually host status to non-maintanence
until there are host-related running notifications.
Running notifications are expired in 24 hours by default.
The patch makes engine to set 'ignore' status for such

Closes-Bug: 1960619
Change-Id: Id873b3300b6de49082805654c85414a8868dd925
(cherry picked from commit 0837d7787c1be35df4b4330dbe6cdd2c160a69ab)

a649db9... by Radosław Piliszek

[CI] Move queue setting to project level

Per [1] and [2].


Change-Id: Ifea988bf9b740618c58525f170c59b5cadfe0764
(cherry picked from commit 607da5931ac468d513e0f6331f897e5f561030b2)

f2c4aad... by suzhengwei

Fix stopping stopped instances

Nova-compute would periodically sync the instance status. So in the
instance failure recovery workflow,it would stop instance random failed
because of conflict, which will terminate the recovery workflow.
This patch can catch the Confict exception and continue the recovery
workflow if the instance already stopped.

Closes-Bug: 1980736
Change-Id: I59a1f9d7078614c1ddc8f4c362e967a15b8ec5e8
(cherry picked from commit 7241101163550b3cd981262468dc523ccb25cc9e)

d689abf... by Elod Illes

[CI] Install dependencies for docs target

When tox 'docs' target is called, first it installs the dependencies
(listed in 'deps') in 'installdeps' phase, then it installs masakari
(with its requirements) in 'develop-inst' phase. In the latter case
'deps' is not used so that the constraints defined in 'deps' are not
used. This could lead to failures on stable branches when new packages
are released that break the build. To avoid this, the simplest solution
is to pre-install requirements, i.e. add requirements.txt to 'docs' tox


NOTE(elod.illes): conflict is due to branch specific upper constraints
file link.

Change-Id: Ic5e214be240023f0e4f02cae3939e1d199ecb061
(cherry picked from commit aa13e4536eadbce8de35109f62a379e7e375bd02)

1735a24... by OpenStack Release Bot <email address hidden>

Update TOX_CONSTRAINTS_FILE for stable/yoga

Update the URL to the upper-constraints file to point to the redirect
rule on so that anyone working on this branch
will switch to the correct upper-constraints list automatically when
the requirements repository branches.

Until the requirements repository has as stable/yoga branch, tests will
continue to use the upper-constraints list on master.

Change-Id: Ic21ef1e3613979498eb553b07ab799b06db852b4

a140b58... by OpenStack Release Bot <email address hidden>

Update .gitreview for stable/yoga

Change-Id: I35f94473a3fdf6b6061fb33f1f150411d967e313

2c7d403... by Takashi Kajinami

Fix compatibility with oslo.context >= 4.0.0 (one more again)

This change fixes the remaining issue with oslo.context >= 4.0.0.

In oslo.context < 4.0, RequestContext.from_dict looks up 'tenant' key
from dict to set project_id while the method looks up 'project_id' key
since oslo.context 4.0. This change implements a logic to make unit
tests compatible with the both behavior, but the one for older version
can be removed once we get oslo.context >= 4.0.0 in upper-constraints.

Change-Id: I463e34ef36891c5ef29e88cb645c38a6cccac2f2

1a67234... by Takashi Kajinami

Fix compatibility with oslo.context >= 4.0.0 (again)

This is follow-up of c9d01a5327a5aa04ea9176046de52fdb3d477c17 and fixes
one additional failure found after we merged that fix.

Change-Id: Ica9f080c3ec52b6cc1746c952251b2ae8a18422e

c9d01a5... by Takashi Kajinami

Fix compatibility with oslo.context >= 4.0.0

The tenant argument of RequestContext is longer available since
oslo.context 4.0.0. This change removes usage of the deprecated
argument to prepare for version bump.

Change-Id: If237c6abf791526a7c20e393525e83c0a2d1a9ed

7c6380d... by wushiming

Updating python testing classifier as per Yoga testing runtime

Yoga testing runtime[1] has been updated to add py39
testing as voting. Unit tests update are handled by the
job template change in openstack-zuul-job


this commit updates the classifier in setup.cfg file.


Change-Id: I803658741e3bcc8dbc4ec12acdf96b4bb33c8d60