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9eff08c... by Dmitriy Rabotyagov <email address hidden>

Search in nova services instead of hypervisors

Nova services and hypervisor naming can differ, as they retireve node
names in different way.
In the meanwhile we operate with while enabling/disabling
nodes duringh the incident. So we're supposed to have in database record
matching to what we have in service list, but not in hypervisor list.

Closes-Bug: #1839715
Change-Id: I9c591d33f17a8d5950bdb1fc2d686e2301fc6d95
(cherry picked from commit 4322968b893b242f229912c2b70e3895f0227402)
(cherry picked from commit 35519c0ce02092aaef6b802817b74d017a84b08b)

416d294... by Zuul <email address hidden>

Merge "Fix response of microversions API" into stable/train

03ecbf5... by Zuul <email address hidden>

Merge "Assign all aggregates to reserved_host" into stable/train

13a65ca... by Eric Xie

Fix some errors in the document

If the recovery policy uses uppercase, an error will be reported.
This patch modifies these to lowercase.

Closes-Bug: #1914482
Co-Authored-By: zhangyangyang <email address hidden>
Change-Id: Ic4bf5a4b19df07364c09fd46f1a92a809c77b241
(cherry picked from commit 151915960acbb6ade7ad284e3bb002ed32b356f7)

bbead85... by Daisuke Suzuki

Assign all aggregates to reserved_host

This patch fixes the code that assignes aggregates to the reserved_host.
The existing code only assigned a aggregate that first matched failed
compute host name.
By this fix, all aggregates that ware assigned to the failed host can
be assigned to the reserved_host.

Closes-Bug: #1856164
Change-Id: I8a727e3c50b71a5ad52d58d0ba3bde4f09446748
(cherry picked from commit d1850df674aa3390413ead9b07faa2ba5d7dbea4)

3271a7c... by Dinesh Bhor

Fix response of microversions API

If you request to show details of versions "v1/" API it returns 404

This patch fixes this issue by updating the v1 version correctly
as "v1.0" in versions controller which helps wsgi layer to find
the resource(controller) correctly. This way it returns the details
of version "v1" correctly instead of ResourceNotFound.

v1 show API response:

{"version": {"status": "CURRENT", "updated": "2016-07-01T11:33:21Z",
"links": [{"href": "http://<host-ip>:15868/v1/", "rel": "self"},
{"href": "", "type": "text/html",
"rel": "describedby"}], "min_version": "1.0", "version": "1.0",
"media-types": [{"base": "application/json",
"type": "application/vnd.openstack.masakari+json;version=1"}],
"id": "v1.0"}}

This patch fixes the reported supported microversion as well
to avoid clients failing due to requesting too new version
(LP#1882516). It has to be fixed to pass tests.

APIImpact - versions "v1/" show API will return 200 OK now instead
of 404 ResourceNotFound.

Closes-Bug: #1685145
Closes-Bug: #1882516
Co-Authored-By: Jegor van Opdorp <email address hidden>
Co-Authored-By: suzhengwei <>
Co-Authored-By: Radosław Piliszek <email address hidden>
Change-Id: If3943060b5d09bd153b6401d34c7d10d3dc864fe
(cherry picked from commit 30842faeaa52d40f6a00765e797e3a173a15f441)

9280560... by Niraj Singh

Allow segment description to be multiline

This patch allows user to pass a multiline description for
a failover segment.

Closes-Bug: #1776385
Change-Id: I25afb76aec10a507312b8d99b0c882ca9f6bcd81
(cherry picked from commit d7f47f262799b285080cb08830560891c532a5a1)

e915ade... by Radosław Piliszek

Add missed renos

Change-Id: I5d0a890209887b5795727af66ba8beed3a059a22
(cherry picked from commit 7f76081ccf167141be07a1fa1b46b92d2da2cee1)

025f30d... by Zuul <email address hidden>

Merge "not wait when instance evacuate error" into stable/train

4eff41b... by Zuul <email address hidden>

Merge "Modified recovery flow for stopped instance" into stable/train