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6612180... by Thomas Bechtold on 2020-12-22

Update snap for victoria release

As stable branches have now been cut update the snap to use
Victoria release versions.

Change-Id: Ifbe6048666656a985bb6ba9cdf09b6a010fe6c68

d5386e2... by James Page on 2020-06-03

Reference correct name for plugs

Change-Id: Ie49611cdf54f630ca7f56b598cd111a66bf2e00b

119ee02... by James Page on 2020-06-01

Rename personal-files interface

As requested by the snapstore team, rename interface name
to be specific to the file path.

Change-Id: I3d0119c591cced9619ce853288329641c33b7f31

db7f824... by James Page on 2020-05-07

Add setuptools-scm to python packages

Add setuptools-scm to python packages to avoid build
failures on archs other than amd64.

Change-Id: I0134e9747f3a5b11203a1d7d462a207a2de708c1

b0f7407... by James Page on 2020-05-06

Switch to strict confinement

Make use of the personal-files interface to allow access
to clouds.yaml for the user running the commands.

All commands need network and home plugs for operation.

Change-Id: Ic1e06af58f04f7e5d30a69b05fce1d70390aff16

f71b90d... by James Page on 2020-05-06

Add support for auto-completion

Generate completer script for the 'openstack' command.

Change-Id: I2fe65f067749936e971c9eb5cc7bcff7438def9e

9c35af5... by James Page on 2020-05-06

Update snap for ussuri release

As stable branches have now been cut update the snap to use
Ussuri release versions.

Change-Id: I4252d071a13c9e19f57eb48b6b7275329021791f

e5dcc3f... by Paul Collins on 2019-11-13

add the osc-placement plugin

This plugin adds a CLI for the Placement API.


Change-Id: I31a0359cd8d010ad381f3de9ee1caaa60814cbb5
Closes-Bug: 1852373
Signed-off-by: Paul Collins <email address hidden>

9091ad4... by Ryan Beisner on 2019-10-28

Add Masakari client for OpenStack Train

Change-Id: If451ba03ada4f94a5b4405276d9936dd7ce3cc29

d064153... by Zuul <email address hidden> on 2019-10-09

Merge "Update for OpenStack Train"