Last commit made on 2022-04-15
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cf06e10... by Alex Kavanagh

Updates for stable branch creation

- Set default branch for git review/gerrit.
- Switch tests to stable.
- Switch to using stable charm-helpers branch.
- Switch to using stable charm.openstack branch.
- Switch to using stable zaza, zaza-openstack-tests
- (reactive charms) Add build.lock file

Change-Id: Idc9f366bce64352eb8df2a085fcc8937b565f5cf

ca30497... by James Page

Drop support for impish

Master branch only needs to support current development and
last LTS for Ubuntu.

Change-Id: I4130dc5dd9396674a01b83856454683984af0856

f8c5b6c... by James Page

Drop support for bionic

With the new branch and release support strategy the master
branch of any charm will no longer support bionic.

Drop bionic metadata and testing inline with this policy.

Change-Id: I88c025db56bf5ed04d9ad7a225615e36fd22813e

114115d... by Aurelien Lourot

Fix exception when passing empty string as config option

Change-Id: I98c9b89cc27befa3caf6792d034e93f2fd4d2e0e

b641f6a... by Aurelien Lourot

Add documentation

Change-Id: I00935861a7372c954f1bad590a27f41fc6c25743

212b1f4... by Aurelien Lourot

Add jammy to metadata

Change-Id: I197b14b98722b2eb07f3ce5bfd84e1c15ef9bbe9

18d0d5e... by Aurelien Lourot

Fix missing dependency on bionic

Without this, the install hook will fail on bionic with
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'importlib_resources'

Change-Id: I889b1d0dad15e36a1e06b1436f3632ed6c6233ea

7c4fcad... by Aurelien Lourot

Add list-vgpu-types action

Change-Id: Ibd927191006152c82216974ac6ba0122aed8fd8d

ffef5fe... by Aurelien Lourot

Disable nouveau driver

Change-Id: I7f4ba2ba173d40baa9ba140007e7c4bb8055f000

46eb5ae... by Aurelien Lourot

Add unit status reboot hint

Change-Id: I00343e72cb5be25e1dbd19338a0bead04076ac35