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31. By James Page on 2016-07-06

Resync charmhelpers for licensing change

The charm-helpers project have re-licensed to Apache 2.0
inline with the agreed licensing approach to intefaces,
layers and charms generally.

Resync helpers to bring charmhelpers inline with charm

Change-Id: I20f9ea0c108a2e3849c5f9cfa5a074550af0a12f

30. By James Page on 2016-07-01

Re-license charm as Apache-2.0

All contributions to this charm where made under Canonical
copyright; switch to Apache-2.0 license as agreed so we
can move forward with official project status.

Change-Id: Ibf6fa0c9554e852da885068c23ba06252745a14e

29. By James Page on 2016-06-17

Switch to using charm-store for amulet tests

All OpenStack charms are now directly published to the charm store
on landing; switch Amulet helper to resolve charms using the
charm store rather than bzr branches, removing the lag between
charm changes landing and being available for other charms to
use for testing.

This is also important for new layered charms where the charm must
be build and published prior to being consumable.

Change-Id: I60a0aaaa2b96a665f5083bd67c103d07c9e8e9fc

28. By James Page on 2016-05-27

Resync charm helpers

Add support for OpenStack Newton and Ocata.

Rework version detection code to just match on major version for
OpenStack projects using semantic versioning.

Provide fallback version detection based on major.minor versions
for swift packages.

Rework config-flags support helpers.

Fix is_ip function to correctly detect both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

Change-Id: If6416eec20d6c00eafd1f68f65ef7b2a810584b8

27. By James Page on 2016-05-18

Resync charm-helpers

Avoid use of 'service --status-all' which is currently
broken on trusty for upstart managed daemons; the change
moves to detecting how the daemon is managed, and then
using upstart status XXX or the return code of service XXX
status to determine whether a process is running.

Fixes for IPv6 network address detection under Ubuntu
16.04 which changes the output format of the ip commands

Update the version map to include 8.1.x as a Neutron
version for Mitaka.

Change-Id: I53f71d81a89136c8c8b17de50c046ae4b8ee8018
Closes-Bug: 1581171
Closes-Bug: 1581598
Closes-Bug: 1580674

26. By James Page on 2016-04-15

Enable Mitaka amulet tests

Disable Juno tests (no longer supported).

Switch Xenial tests to use BE release of ODL, as the default
Helium release is not compatible with Java 8 (which is the
default in 16.04).

Update ovs bridge controller checks to validate against
legacy 6633 and IANA assigned 6653 ports; only check br-int
configuration for later ODL releases.

Drop wider service checks from amulet test.

Re-align with Neutron security group management.

Change-Id: Ic1e92b292c0276232a29695d02096ba1e3275236

25. By Liam Young on 2016-04-12

Charmhelper sync before 1604 testing

Change-Id: I5d54597c842696d309cfbd5976836802791304d0

24. By James Page on 2016-03-23

Update to charm-tools >= 2.0.0

The new release of charm-tools no longer ships the charm
command; update minimum version requirement and switch
to using charm-proof instead, unblocking current pep8
failures across all charms.

Also pin the version of requests to 2.6.0 until theblues
(indirect dependency of charm-tools) sort out its
requirements versioning.

Change-Id: I280aa99f599103ba11e0d00a31c7efbacc60375e

23. By Jenkins <email address hidden> on 2016-03-18

Merge "Add support for Ubuntu Xenial"

22. By Billy Olsen on 2016-03-16

Use tox in Makefile targets

Modify the Makefile to point at the appropriate tox targets
so that tox and Make output can be equivalent. This involves
mapping the lint target to the pep8 target and the test target
to the py27 target.

Change-Id: I40bf0c72416e8c9a9f079a7800c9c343872ee907

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