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174. By Jenkins <email address hidden> on 2016-07-06

Merge "AppArmor Profile"

173. By James Page on 2016-07-06

Resync charmhelpers for licensing change

The charm-helpers project have re-licensed to Apache 2.0
inline with the agreed licensing approach to intefaces,
layers and charms generally.

Resync helpers to bring charmhelpers inline with charm

Change-Id: I2ec6e5f8246687c7de77b5ff0c3f68fb6851b7b9

172. By Edward Hope-Morley on 2016-07-03

Add support for user-provided ceph config

Adds a new config-flags option to the charm that
supports setting a dictionary of ceph configuration
settings that will be applied to ceph.conf.

This implementation supports config sections so that
settings can be applied to any section supported by
the ceph.conf template in the charm.

Includes some unit test code cleanup.

Closes-Bug: 1522375
Change-Id: I5fa0890d87425499dbd48af6f2bc1f196713a975

171. By James Page on 2016-07-01

Re-license charm as Apache-2.0

All contributions to this charm where made under Canonical
copyright; switch to Apache-2.0 license as agreed so we
can move forward with official project status.

In order to make this change, this commit also drops the
inclusion of upstart configurations for very early versions
of Ceph (argonaut), as they are no longer required.

Change-Id: I3d943dfd78f406ba29f86c51e22a13eab448452e

170. By Chris Holcombe on 2016-06-29

Symlink Actions

This change symlinks the python actions files so that tox
can properly test the code.

Change-Id: Ib6d070555535dc202735124afdafa8dd401350df

169. By James Page on 2016-06-17

Switch to using charm-store for amulet tests

All OpenStack charms are now directly published to the charm store
on landing; switch Amulet helper to resolve charms using the
charm store rather than bzr branches, removing the lag between
charm changes landing and being available for other charms to
use for testing.

This is also important for new layered charms where the charm must
be build and published prior to being consumable.

Change-Id: I395ee0e0b33c2df98783718fa45829ea572f24cc

168. By James Page on 2016-05-19

Defer radosgw key provision until OSD's detected

The RADOS gateway on startup will try to initialize a number
of pools in the Ceph cluster; if no OSD's are present at the
point of startup, this operation is re-tried for a period of
5 minutes.

As ceph-radosgw and ceph-mon are typically deployed in LXC
containers, they are up and running before ceph-osd units
are fully operational, resulting in ceph-radosgw units with
no running radosgw process.

By deferring the provision of keys to related ceph-radosgw
units until ceph-osd units are detected, the chance of this
race happening is greatly reduced.

Also add trailing space to ceph.conf as ceph requires that
configuration files end with a newline.

Change-Id: I2a21f021502bde5c688bd3ac4b84ef24a8bdef68
Closes-Bug: 1577519
Closes-Bug: 1578403

167. By James Page on 2016-05-18

Resync charm-helpers

Avoid use of 'service --status-all' which is currently
broken on trusty for upstart managed daemons; the change
moves to detecting how the daemon is managed, and then
using upstart status XXX or the return code of service XXX
status to determine whether a process is running.

Fixes for IPv6 network address detection under Ubuntu
16.04 which changes the output format of the ip commands

Update the version map to include 8.1.x as a Neutron
version for Mitaka.

Fixup mocking of apt during load of unit tests and ensure
that tox does not use any site packages, ensuring that
test execution is isolated from installed OS

Change-Id: I0f8d7cb2689f5e4c94390b324850e4e9b6e10eb5
Closes-Bug: 1581171
Closes-Bug: 1581598
Closes-Bug: 1580674

166. By Jenkins <email address hidden> on 2016-04-20

Merge "Fix ceph-broker logging"

165. By Edward Hope-Morley on 2016-04-20

Sync charm-helpers to get fix for pool_exists()

Change-Id: I87449b1cda34b5c69faf101a0cc3a749160ff543
Closes-Bug: 1572506

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