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e18819c... by FeRD (Frank Dana)

QMimeData is not parentable

9879cea... by FeRD (Frank Dana)

Fix timeline object lookups

467274a... by FeRD (Frank Dana)

Update src/windows/models/

1c7ea73... by FeRD (Frank Dana)

properties_model: Fix method parameters

- Don't use mutable types (lists) as default arguments
- Don't place keyword args before *args

e3be63b... by FeRD (Frank Dana)

properties: refuse to delete last kf point

1e10168... by FeRD (Frank Dana)

set_interpolation: Fix naming, corner case

- Rename 'curves' list argument to 'handles'
- Bail (early return) for special case where prev_x == closest_x

7d5f196... by FeRD (Frank Dana)

Properties: Rewrite keyframe processing

- PropertiesModel.value_updated() was an overloaded method that
  performed all of the following functions:
  * Inserting new keyframe points
  * Updating existing keyframe points
  * Updating NON-keyframe property values
  * Changing interpolation types for existing keyframes
  As a result, it was a confusing ramble of conditional logic.
- Yet, color properties (specifically, and only) were handled by a
  separate (but largely cut-and-paste identical) color_updated()
- Broke logic apart into separate, purpose-focused methods:
  * update_value() to set/modify properties
  * set_point() to create/modify single keyframe points
  * update_interpolation() to apply keyframe interpolation types
  * set_interpolation() to adjust interpolation values for single
    keyframe segments
  * item_changed(), the slot that processes the itemChanged signal
    from the properties view
  * interpret_as_type(), to convert model data into project data
- All of the above handles both color and non-color properties, of
  all supported data types
- A rewritten remove_keyframe() supplements and complements the
  new methods listed above

5075809... by FeRD (Frank Dana)

AppStream metadata: update content ratings (#4105)

Generated with

35004f6... by Jonathan Thomas

Merge pull request #4208 from OpenShot/fix-sentry-issues

Fixing a few related issues:

1bd99e2... by Jonathan Thomas

Downgrading map for angular-animate