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ef85b13... by Bret Curtis on 2018-06-20

Merge pull request #1740 from nikolaykasyanov/software-cursor-decompression

Decompress cursors using SDL software renderer on Mac or if OSG >= 3.5.8 or if OPENMW_DECOMPRESS_TEXTURES is set

98063c5... by Marc Zinnschlag on 2018-06-06

updated changelog with last-minute crash-bug fix

04a2025... by David Cernat <email address hidden> on 2018-06-05

Fix crash when adding items to certain disabled creatures (bug #4441)

7605d92... by Marc Zinnschlag on 2018-06-05

added section for 0.45 to changelog

13f7b53... by Marc Zinnschlag on 2018-06-04

Revert "Don't force DDS file usage (fixes #1392)"

This reverts commit 90f3ff2da4b37a6766e0eb369150d866ec488d06.

cd7268e... by Marc Zinnschlag on 2018-06-04

Merge remote-tracking branch 'akortunov/effectResistFix' into openmw-44

2193983... by Marc Zinnschlag on 2018-06-04

updated changelog

cae7441... by Marc Zinnschlag on 2018-06-04

increased version number

896825e... by Bret Curtis on 2018-06-03

Merge pull request #1729 from elsid/fix_utf8_encoding

Fix UTF-8 econding

c71df72... by elsid <email address hidden> on 2018-05-26

Fix UTF-8 econding

To be able run gcovr