Last commit made on 2017-07-29
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cf6f368... by Bret Curtis on 2017-07-29

rtd backport fix

9c94244... by scrawl on 2017-06-29

Fix crash introduced by commit 1d8a9ff62243cb6b8e218840d839e6d554f3e8d9 (Fixes #3940)

ec458ef... by scrawl on 2017-06-25

Don't reset idle time when there is no camera movement (Fixes #3902)

7704dcf... by Julian Ospald <email address hidden> on 2017-05-28

Fix build with osg >= 3.5.6

1c5c82d... by Miroslav Remák on 2017-04-23

Fix wrong incrementation in InventoryStore::visitEffectSources (Fixes #3838)

56dfa61... by Allofich <email address hidden> on 2017-04-12

Minor changes to getActorsSidingWith

fe4fb82... by Allofich <email address hidden> on 2017-04-12

Cache allies found while iterating engageCombat

(Fixes #3814)

59a9a7a... by Marc Zinnschlag on 2017-04-11

updated changelog

13517e7... by Marc Zinnschlag on 2017-04-11

increased version number

1cd901d... by scrawl on 2017-04-09

Merge pull request #1248 from akortunov/missedsound

Adds missing recharge and repair sounds