Last commit made on 2014-11-05
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5909fa4... by Marc Zinnschlag on 2014-11-05

new version number and updated changelog

ba3d2be... by scrawl on 2014-11-05

Add missing include (Fixes #2108)

073478a... by Marc Zinnschlag on 2014-10-27

Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/openmw-33' into openmw-33

2fa44c3... by Marc Zinnschlag on 2014-10-24

removed two issues from the changelog that did not make it into the release

ba26879... by scrawl on 2014-10-21

Merge pull request #336 from ace13/openmw-33

Fix compile error on Windows

b5a5792... by "Alexander \"Ace\" Olofsson" <email address hidden> on 2014-10-21

Fix compile error on Windows

9bb51fd... by scrawl on 2014-10-20

Compile fix

ace8e01... by scrawl on 2014-10-20

Fix old alchemy apparatus still showing in alchemy window after removal

29ac97b... by scrawl on 2014-10-20

Add automatic potion naming

7f06e3e... by scrawl on 2014-10-20

Fix alchemy producing potion IDs from content files