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6e51b4f... by scrawl on 2017-01-23

Added travis-CI script to deploy doxygen-documentation to github pages ( https://openmw.github.io )

The documentation can be updated by merging into the doxygen branch, this will trigger a new travis build and documentation update.

GH_REPO_TOKEN must be set up in travis-ci settings, this is a github API token for a minimally priviledged github user with access to the openmw.github.io repo.

7b0a498... by scrawl on 2017-01-21

Merge pull request #1193 from MiroslavR/disabled_player

ESS-import: player is no longer disabled

c64351b... by Miroslav Remák on 2017-01-21

ESS-import: player is no longer disabled (Bug #3246)

115e563... by scrawl on 2017-01-19

Fix race conditions caused by Array <-> GLBufferObject interactions (Bug #3580)

The first part of the fix is to assign VBO/EBO's upon loading the array in the Nif reader. This avoids triggering the 'addVertexBufferObjectIfRequired' code path in osg::Geometry which has the race condition when two threads add the same Array at the same time. Essentially, we want the Arrays to be 'const' when they come out of the Nif reader.

The second part of the fix is to make sure not to create empty arrays in the Nif reader (importantly, not assigning a VBO to the empty array). This empty array would be deleted when the NIFFile is cleaned up, and the detachment of the VBO assigned to it (which is still in use by other arrays) would cause threading issues.

This rare crash bug was first introduced with commit a7c5beb7c5d495446e5d7facaa780fbf851d1848. When using OSG dev version 3.5 the crashes were a little more prevalent, because 'addVertexBufferObjectIfRequired' in osg::Geometry is now used even when VBO's are disabled (as part of the VAO support changes).

ac61535... by scrawl on 2017-01-19

optimize OSGVertexBuffer by double buffering the vertex array instead of recreating it on every modification

cc19b4b... by scrawl on 2017-01-19

Fix door rotation order in collision case (Bug #3707)

45fb4f0... by scrawl on 2017-01-18

Update reference of the interpreter context when an Activate results in a take action (Fixes #3727)

70c5f64... by scrawl on 2017-01-18

Fix mLocals not being updated in InterpreterContext::updatePtr

c6822b9... by scrawl on 2017-01-16

Merge pull request #1192 from damiel/water_refactor

Added refactoring of shader handling from visvalda's fog shader

8f5418c... by scrawl on 2017-01-15

Merge pull request #1170 from NeveHanter/bugfix-3617

Enchanted arrows don't explode when hitting the ground (Bug #3617)