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2813. By Ken Roberts on 2018-02-16

- manager: Remove unused signal disconnect projectorNetwork.disconnect()
- Change PJLinkUDP.pjlink_udp_commands to dict with link to processing methods
- Add test_projector_pjlink_udp.test_process_ackn_duplicate
- Add test_projector_pjlink_udp.test_process_ackn_multiple
- Add test_projector_pjlink_udp.test_process_ackn_single
- Add test_projector_pjlink_udp.test_process_srch
- Add PJLinkUDP.get_datagram method
- Add PJLinkUDP._trash_udp_buffer method
- Add PJLinkUDP.process_ackn method
- Add ...

2811. By Raoul Snyman on 2018-01-24

Fixed an issue with the FTW not displaying any download progress.

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lp:~raoul-snyman/openlp/fix-ftw-download-progress (revision 2811)
https://ci.openlp.io/job/Branch-01-Pull/2430/ [SUCCESS]
https://ci.openlp.io/job/Branch-02a-Linux-Tests/2331/ [SUCCESS]
https://ci.openlp.io/job/Branch-02b-macOS-Tests/125/ [SUCCESS]

2810. By Phill on 2018-01-24

Started work on storing path objects in service file.
Refactored save code and reduced duplication.
Fixed + improved the loading / saving progress bars
improved performance

loading powerpoint from a service still does work

lp:~phill-ridout/openlp/pathlib12 (revision 2817)
https://ci.openlp.io/job/Branch-01-Pull/2428/ [WAITING]

2809. By Ken Roberts on 2018-01-14

- Ongoing conversions from self.asserts to plain asserts
- Remove test_ part of method name for bugfix tests no longer used
- Move tests *_change_status_* from pjlink_commands_01 to pjlink_base
- Move test projector_reset_information from pjlink_commands_01 to pjlink_commands_02
- Move lamp_nonstandard_reply from bugfix to pjlink_commands_01
- Move clss_nonstandard_reply 1/2 from bugfix to pjlink_commands_01
- Move test_projector_get_* tests from pjlink_commands_01 to pjlink_base
- Added pjli...

2808. By Raoul Snyman on 2018-01-13

Fix bug #1742910 by moving the threads to the application object instead of the main window object.

Add this to your merge proposal:
lp:~raoul-snyman/openlp/bug-1742910 (revision 2810)
https://ci.openlp.io/job/Branch-01-Pull/2418/ [SUCCESS]
https://ci.openlp.io/job/Branch-02a-Linux-Tests/2319/ [SUCCESS]
https://ci.openlp.io/job/Branch-02b-macOS-Tests/114/ ...

2807. By Raoul Snyman on 2018-01-07

Major overhaul of how threading in OpenLP works. Rather than messing around with threads yourself, you create a worker object descended from ThreadWorker, implement start() (and stop() if it's a long-running thread), and run it using run_thread().

Changes related to thread API:

- WebSocket was refactored (mostly into the worker)
- HttpServer was refactored a bit
- CheckMediaWorker was refactored a bit
- Version check refactored
- SongSelect search refactored
- New _wait_for_threads() method...

2805. By Simon Hanna <email address hidden> on 2018-01-02

Fixed the version checking to be more robust

* Strip the response so empty responses that contain whitespace are in fact empty
* Change http to https to result in one less query
* Add test for responses containing white space
* Add .cache to bzrignore (generated by pytest when tests fail)

2804. By Tim Bentley on 2018-01-01

Update the year to 2018
Add some missing copyright files
Reorder and fix the imports for all files.
Fix a timing issue with the mac build which makes it fail all the time.

lp:~trb143/openlp/textcleanups (revision 2812)
https://ci.openlp.io/job/Branch-01-Pull/2406/ [SUCCESS]
https://ci.openlp.io/job/Branch-02a-Linux-Tests/2307/ [SUCCESS]
https://ci.openlp.io/job/Branch-02b-macOS-Tests/102/ [SUCCESS]

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