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Naresh(OpenERP) (nch-openerp) wrote :


The patch want fix anything because the default values for the separator, decimal point will be taken from the locale of the system if the language does not provide a one. so you want be able to have space there. something like :

>>> from locale import localeconv
>>> localeconv()
{'mon_decimal_point': '', 'int_frac_digits': 127, 'p_sep_by_space': 127, 'frac_digits': 127, 'thousands_sep': '', 'n_sign_posn': 127, 'decimal_point': '.', 'int_curr_symbol': '', 'n_cs_precedes': 127, 'p_sign_posn': 127, 'mon_thousands_sep': '', 'negative_sign': '', 'currency_symbol': '', 'n_sep_by_space': 127, 'mon_grouping': [], 'p_cs_precedes': 127, 'positive_sign': '', 'grouping': []}

If we want to allow white space as a thousand separator then we need to check that prior to assigning the default format values.

could please check this.


review: Needs Information

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