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Olivier Dony (Odoo) (odo-openerp) wrote :

Some remarks:
- some obvious translations were missing next to terms that were fixed (for example the 'Company' labels next to the 'Chart of Accounts' labels in headers => the same fix should have been applied directly).
- none of the .sxw files were updated with the same corrections done in the rml files - causing more desynchronization
- the call to _translate() in the report helpers was not working because it looks for translations of type RML/Report only, and this happens only when the terms appear in RML source, which was not the case. We can achieve the correct result by putting the terms in the RML directly (combined with removeParentNode()), so these Python helper methods are actually useless.

I fixed all of the above before merging, please pay attention to those details in the future, at least as long as we are using RML-based reports :-)


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