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Nhomar - Vauxoo (nhomar) wrote :


About B.

Dont you think the fact of COPY DATA brake all simple Database management rules in the world?

One of the arguments of the new model is "Avoid Data duplication and Inconsistencies".

Page 18 of the Fabiens presentation:

"We just removed redundancies in v6.1 model, e.g. on invoices:"

Do you REALLY think is different redundancy between Partner and Contacts PERFECTLY separated by a DBID than duplicate some Fields?

IMHO in any case, and I repeat, In any case data can be duplicated.


My sarcastic questions are regarding the fact you are duplicating data, no datamodel itself.

Can i offer to you a more elegant solution? and you will consider that, or you will insist at least ONE more time in duplicate fields?, I make this question my friend because i dont want waste badly my time.

About A.

I really dont understand this, in databases i shown you the hidden fields this option is already selected my friend.

But BTW....

You Install Just Accounting... Field shown.... You Installa a ore advanced module "Sales" .... Fields hidden, I think it is confusing.

Other point my friend you afirm:

both the "use company address" flag and the "address type" are advanced features that are not needed by all users, and are meant to be hidden by default.

At least that you use OpenERP for a .... I dont know event in a Gas Station you need say "THis is the Fiscal address for a Customer".

But the configuration is inconsistent....

Sales depends of account_voucher this of account.... then sales convert in Advanced a Basic feature of a base module :-s I am lost.

More comment comming dude.

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