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Joël Grand-Guillaume @ camptocamp (jgrandguillaume-c2c) wrote :

Hi Olivier,

For what I've tested today, and from a functional point of view here, it remains one big issue (may be miss some still...) : all the group by features.

I don't know if you think about providing a new module (same feature than you did for invoice) for other objects ? At least on invoices (and accounting entries but that was already mostly ok), it works as expected.

So I suggest that you take care of the following objects as well here (as this was the default behavior in 6.1, and we agree this wouldn't have to change for the end user):

 - PO (group by "supplier" should group on commercial entity by default here)
 - SO (group by "customer" should group on commercial entity by default here)
 - Analytic Account (group by "Associated partner" should group on commercial entity here)
 - Project (IMO here, it may be interesting to have both contact and commercial_entity_id. Main reason you labeled the existing group by "contact", so having both contact and Commercial entity sounds goods here)
 - Opportunity (group by "customer" should group on commercial entity by default here)
 - Repair order (group by "partner" should group on commercial entity by default here)

Special cases:

 - Lead :

Make a lead on Agrolait, and one on Michel Fletcher (Agrolait). On the Michel one, you see:

Company Name : Michel Fletcher
Customer : Agrolait, Michel Fletcher

Group by "Customer" show 2 occurrence: one for Agrolait, one for Michel. No way to group them all in one occurrence which will be honestly asked by everyone. I would like to see a way to group by commercial entity here as well. IMO we can fulfill "Company Name" of the lead with the commercial entity and add a "group by" on it. In any case, as it was in 6.1, I want to be able to group on the commercial entity.

 - Incomming shipment and Delivery Order : no group by here by default, but making to incoming shipment for Agrolait and one on Michel Fletcher (Agrolait), I would expect I can at least search on "Agrolait" and find all picking related to them. Not finding them is really sad...

That's all for today ;)



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