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Olivier Dony (Odoo) (odo-openerp) wrote :

Thanks everyone for the tests and feedback. The branch has just been updated with 3 main changes (see updated description):

- revert the modified domain set on the partner field of Invoices - this was inconsistent with the rest of the system: it must be possible to invoice a contact everywhere.
- fix issue detected by Joël Grand-Guillaume in comment #34 of bug 1160365: when invoicing after delivery, the invoicing contact/address must be used rather than the main customer. Tests updated accordingly.
- add new 7.0 module "account_report_company": this module adds an extra stored field "parent_commercial_id" on Invoices to make reporting/aggregating by partner easier in the Invoice list and in the Invoice Analysis report. This module is expected to be merged in the main account module in the next major release. The module can be installed without any risk on any existing 7.0 database.

Concerning the first item, please note that Fabien's explanation in comment #50 was incorrect because we want to be able to create invoices for any contact. What happens is that you can configure the contact type on your partners so that the correct "invoice contact/department" is automatically selected regardless of the contact to which you sell. But you can still manually invoice any contact and the rest of the accounting flows will still be correct (and the reporting too)

I'll try to answer other specific questions asked by people who commented on both merge proposals in further comments.

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