Merge lp:~openerp-dev/openobject-addons/6.1-opw-581212-msh into lp:openobject-addons/6.1

Proposed by Mohammed Shekha(Open ERP)
Status: Approved
Approved by: Naresh(OpenERP)
Approved revision: 7037
Proposed branch: lp:~openerp-dev/openobject-addons/6.1-opw-581212-msh
Merge into: lp:openobject-addons/6.1
Diff against target: 12 lines (+1/-1)
1 file modified
purchase/purchase_view.xml (+1/-1)
To merge this branch: bzr merge lp:~openerp-dev/openobject-addons/6.1-opw-581212-msh
Reviewer Review Type Date Requested Status
OpenERP Core Team Pending
Review via email:

Description of the change


Fixed the issue of domain not passed in many2one field of purchase search view, it searches for customers as well as suppliers.

Demo :- Go to Purchase -> search view supplier field -> enter the name of customer who is who is only customer not supplier.
It will gives supplier as well as customer.

The domain not passed on the field.


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Revision history for this message
Naresh(OpenERP) (nch-openerp) wrote :


This bug was qualified as Not Relevant on Trunk (means that architecture on trunk has changed and so this bug has no meaning anymore). If this Merge Proposal could not be merged in v6.1 at the release of v7.0, it will be closed.

Naresh Soni

Unmerged revisions

7037. By Mohammed Shekha(Open ERP)

[FIX]Fixed the issue of domain missed in purchase search view for partner_id field.

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1=== modified file 'purchase/purchase_view.xml'
2--- purchase/purchase_view.xml 2012-10-09 12:16:14 +0000
3+++ purchase/purchase_view.xml 2012-10-23 04:45:26 +0000
4@@ -250,7 +250,7 @@
5 <filter icon="terp-gtk-go-back-rtl" name="not_invoiced" string="Not invoiced" domain="[('invoice_ids','=', False)]" help="Purchase orders that include lines not invoiced." groups="base.group_extended"/>
6 <separator orientation="vertical"/>
7 <field name="name" string="Reference"/>
8- <field name="partner_id"/>
9+ <field name="partner_id" domain="[('supplier', '=', True)]"/>
10 <field name="product_id"/>
11 <field name="create_uid"/>
12 </group>