Merge lp:~openerp-dev/openobject-addons/6.1-opw-580469-han into lp:openobject-addons/6.1

Proposed by Hardik Ansodariya (OpenERP)
Status: Approved
Approved by: Naresh(OpenERP)
Approved revision: 7029
Proposed branch: lp:~openerp-dev/openobject-addons/6.1-opw-580469-han
Merge into: lp:openobject-addons/6.1
Diff against target: 12 lines (+2/-0)
1 file modified
account/ (+2/-0)
To merge this branch: bzr merge lp:~openerp-dev/openobject-addons/6.1-opw-580469-han
Reviewer Review Type Date Requested Status
Naresh(OpenERP) Pending
Review via email:

Description of the change


fixed the issue of allowing write the journal items of closed periods.

With reference of maintanence case: 580469


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Revision history for this message
Naresh(OpenERP) (nch-openerp) wrote :


This bug was qualified as Confirmed on Trunk (means still existing and reproducible). A Merge Proposal for trunk was created to fix it. Here is the link to follow the MP on Launchpad and be informed once it's been merged in trunk: ... If this Merge Proposal could not be merged in v6.1 at the release of v7.0, it will be closed.

Naresh Soni

Unmerged revisions

7029. By Hardik Ansodariya (OpenERP)

[FIX] account_move_line: Fixed the issue of writing journal items of closed period (Maintanence Case: 580469)

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1=== modified file 'account/'
2--- account/ 2012-09-06 14:35:17 +0000
3+++ account/ 2012-10-17 12:36:34 +0000
4@@ -1197,6 +1197,8 @@
5 if check:
6 done = []
7 for line in self.browse(cr, uid, ids):
8+ if line.period_id.state == 'done':
9+ raise osv.except_osv(_('Unable to change Journal Items'), _('You can not change the journal items of closed period'))
10 if not in done:
11 done.append(
12 move_obj.validate(cr, uid, [], context)