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This branch adds a section that describes the parameters in the server configuration file with respect to FTP network access.

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Olivier Dony (Odoo) (odo-openerp) wrote :

+1 looks good to me

I took the liberty to ask Els to review too (she's the main author/reviewer of our latest functional books)


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1477. By Stefan Rijnhart (Opener)

[FIX] mention wizard twice in same sentence clause

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Els Van Vossel (Foxy) (els-vanvossel) wrote :

Thanks for your merge proposal!

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Numérigraphe (numerigraphe) wrote :

This was approved by 2 reviewers, why not merge it ?

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1477. By Stefan Rijnhart (Opener)

[FIX] mention wizard twice in same sentence clause

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[IMP] document_ftp: overview of server config parameters

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6 *Structure of the directories in the document management system*
8+Configuration parameters
11+The following parameters in the server configuration file govern the network accessibility of the FTP service.
13+* :guilabel:`ftp_server_host` : Set to the network address of the server's network interface or to for all interfaces. Defaults to
15+* :guilabel:`ftp_server_port` : Set to the dedicated port for OpenERP FTP access. Defaults to 8021.
17+* :guilabel:`ftp_server_passive_ports` : Use this parameter to assign a port range for data transfer. If this parameter is not set, the service assigns a random unprivileged port for every new connection. The parameter syntax is two integers separated by a colon (e.g. 80210:80310). Note that the data port is negotiated between the server and the client and does not need to be configured in the client's setup.
19+The parameters above are not set by the module's configuration wizard, even though it asks for a host and port number. The wizard only configures the menu item which points the user to the document repository. If you change the parameters above, rerun the wizard and change the repository location accordingly.
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