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portal:- improved portal features.

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Don Kirkby (donkirkby) wrote :

Are you sure it should be merged into trunk? There are also branches for 5.0, 6.0, and 6.1, and you should merge into the earliest one that your documentation applies to.

You can commit the changes yourself if you join the OpenERP Community team. It's an open team that anyone can join.

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1648. By Meera Trambadia (OpenERP)

[IMP] portal:- improved portal features

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4@@ -4,10 +4,12 @@
5 The portal module allows you to provide system access to customers
6 or suppliers. Show only a part of your OpenERP application without exposing
7 all modules of your system. It is a useful module to allow customers, partners,
8-suppliers, ... to use your system for particular tasks.
9+suppliers, ... to use your system for particular tasks.It enables you to assign/restrict
10+the users for particular features of an OpenERP by defining a portal
11+holding permissions through menus, rules, groups, users, access rights, etc.
13 .. raw:: html
16 <a target="_blank" href="../images/portal_screenshot.png"><img src="../images_small/portal_screenshot.png" class="screenshot" /></a>
18 Key points:
19@@ -16,12 +18,13 @@
20 * Rights management included to the portal
21 * All functionality of OpenERP can be included into your portal
22 * Allow your collaborators to manage your system directly and safely
23+* Manage permissions for OpenERP features
25 Integration benefits:
26 ---------------------
28 * Every OpenERP feature can be included into your portal
29-* Integrated with analytic account management system
30+* Integrated with share module
32 Links:
33 ------