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efcf478... by Ondrej Kubik

Commending offending chown and chmod calls, which are not required anyway

Signed-off-by: Ondrej Kubik <email address hidden>

6d506f8... by Ondrej Kubik

- use autotools
- clean apps and paths

Signed-off-by: Ondrej Kubik <email address hidden>

3e1d3a4... by Till Kamppeter

Add "stage-packages: poppler-utils" to cups-filters part.

Adding "stage-packages: poppler-utils" makes the snap include the
utilities needed by some Poppler-based filters as there is no access
to the system under "strict" confinement.

fad31a0... by Till Kamppeter

Cleaning interfaces from avahi-observe as avahi-control already includes -observe

Thaanks to Ondrej Kubik for this fix.

c7b555b... by Till Kamppeter

Switch to "strict" confinement.

"Classic" confinement is not supported in Ubuntu Core and also not in
many non-ubuntu distros, so let us go with "strict" confinement to
make one universally usable printing stack snap.

Thanks to Oliver Grawert for this hint.

02a55bf... by Till Kamppeter

Adding wget build dependency

Thanks to Ondrej Kubik for this fix.


fab409d... by Till Kamppeter

Fixes on setting up cupsd.conf when starting CUPS.

These fixes are mainly for easier debugging.

- Set "LogLevel debug" as "debug2" is too verbose for most purposes

- Set "MaxLogSize 99999" as before, important information got
  truncated in seconds.

398afe9... by Till Kamppeter

Add utilities "cancel", "cupsctl", and "cupsfilter".

To make administration and debugging of the snapped printing stack

3576962... by Till Kamppeter

Switch to "classic" confinement.

For the purpose of using the snap as a base for printer driver
plugin snaps we want to install the snap on a classic system, so
we continue develeopment for making it work on a classic system

1d6f225... by Till Kamppeter

Removed use of MuPDF and removed use of the daemon-dbus plug

For now we are switching over to Poppler as the PDF interpreter as we
want to use Poopler anyway, because Poppler is needed to support
printing of test pages and flattening filled PDF forms.

Classic systems do not provide a daemon-dbus slot, so we have to
remove the daemon-dbus plug to use the snap on classic systems.