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d4b70f5... by Trent Lloyd on 2014-12-01

Initial test framework with glib test framework, needs work.

a951c3f... by Trent Lloyd on 2014-12-01

Don't fail compilation beacuse of deprecated features of GLIB/GTK. Will unncessarily break builds, even when they are only first deprecated.

We should track these warnings as developers instead and update them in due course.

2b0972d... by Andy Whitcroft on 2014-12-01

SO_REUSEPORT may not exist in running kernel

When userspace defines SO_REUSEPORT we will attempt to enable socket
port number reuse. However if the running kernel does not support
this call it will fail preventing daemon startup. If this call is
present but fails ENOPROTOOPT then we know that actually the kernel
does not support it and we should continue as if we did not have the
call at all.


147cdce... by David Zeuthen <email address hidden> on 2013-03-05

avahi-daemon: add option "host-name-from-machine-id="

Signed-off-by: David Zeuthen <email address hidden>

ccfcd5c... by Lennart Poettering <email address hidden> on 2012-09-07

avahi-common: typo fix

35ea8dc... by Marc-Antoine Perennou on 2012-06-19

build-sys: fix previous commit for recent automake

a485019... by Diego Elio Pettenò on 2012-06-17

build-sys: fix parallel install in avahi-utils

The moment install-exec-local is called, we might still not have
created ${DESTDIR}/${bindir} so we should make sure to create it
first, and then try to chdir into it.

8070ec2... by Marc-Antoine Perennou on 2012-06-07

build-sys: fix MKDIR_P for recent automake

4685196... by Lennart Poettering <email address hidden> on 2012-04-02

core: don't leak hinfo/workstation even if the configuration file doesn't exist

530fbb5... by Lennart Poettering <email address hidden> on 2012-04-02

avahi-daemon: don't leak host info by default