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89d87b5... by Dan Watkins

Add GitHub pull request template to point people at hacking doc

This will hopefully avoid people submitting PRs against our mirror repo.

(Thanks to GitHub user @max06 for this suggestion!)

2f3bb76... by Anh Vo (MSFT)

Azure: Record boot timestamps, system information, and diagnostic events

Collect and record the following information through KVP:
 + timestamps related to kernel initialization and systemd activation
   of cloud-init services
 + system information including cloud-init version, kernel version,
   distro version, and python version
 + diagnostic events for the most common provisioning error issues
   such as empty dhcp lease, corrupted ovf-env.xml, etc.
 + increasing the log frequency of polling IMDS during reprovision.

0e79a1b... by Dan Watkins

DataSourceOracle: configure secondary NICs on Virtual Machines

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure's Instance Metadata Service provides network
configuration information for non-primary NICs. This commit introduces
support, on Virtual Machines[0], for fetching that network metadata,
converting it to v1 network-config[1] and combining it into the network
configuration generated for the primary interface.

By default, this behaviour is not enabled. Configuring the Oracle
datasource to `configure_secondary_nics` enables it:

        configure_secondary_nics: true

Failures to fetch and generate secondary NIC configuration will log a
warning, but otherwise will not affect boot.

[0] The expected use of the IMDS-provided network configuration is
    substantially different on Bare Metal Machines, so support for that
    will be addressed separately.
[1] This is v1 config, because cloudinit.net.cmdline generates v1 config
    and we need to integrate the secondary NICs into that configuration.

b2d4dfe... by Dan Watkins

distros: fix confusing variable names

Building the subp arguments for a `useradd` call in a variable named
`adduser_cmd` is extremely confusing; let's not do that.

(This also changes the snap and freebsd variables to something more

7f67425... by Chad Smith

azure/net: generate_fallback_nic emits network v2 config instead of v1

The function generate_fallback_config is used by Azure by default when
not consuming IMDS configuration data. This function is also used by any
datasource which does not implement it's own network config. This simple
fallback configuration sets up dhcp on the most likely NIC. It will now
emit network v2 instead of network v1.

This is a step toward moving all components talking in v2 and allows us
to avoid costly conversions between v1 and v2 for newer distributions
which rely on netplan.

1558472... by Rick Wright

Add support for publishing host keys to GCE guest attributes

This adds an empty publish_host_keys() method to the default datasource
that is called by cc_ssh.py. This feature can be controlled by the
'ssh_publish_hostkeys' config option. It is enabled by default but can
be disabled by setting 'enabled' to false. Also, a blacklist of key
types is supported.

In addition, this change implements ssh_publish_hostkeys() for the GCE
datasource, attempting to write the hostkeys to the instance's guest
attributes. Using these hostkeys for ssh connections is currently
supported by the alpha version of Google's 'gcloud' command-line tool.

(On Google Compute Engine, this feature will be enabled by setting the
'enable-guest-attributes' metadata key to 'true' for the
project/instance that you would like to use this feature for. When
connecting to the instance for the first time using 'gcloud compute ssh'
the hostkeys will be read from the guest attributes for the instance and
written to the user's local known_hosts file for Google Compute Engine

4dfed67... by Chris Glass

New data source for the Exoscale.com cloud platform

- dsidentify switches to the new Exoscale datasource on matching DMI name
- New Exoscale datasource added

Signed-off-by: Mathieu Corbin <email address hidden>

6718b86... by Dan Watkins

doc: remove intersphinx extension

We don't use it in our doc builds, and if sphinx.pocoo.org is down then
it causes doc build issues.

88092ee... by Dan Watkins

cc_set_passwords: rewrite documentation

What we had previously was inaccurate in a few respects.

LP: #1838794

496aaa9... by Dan Watkins

net/cmdline: split interfaces_by_mac and init network config determination

Previously "cmdline" network configuration could be either
user-specified network-config=... configuration data, or
initramfs-provided configuration data. Before data sources could modify
the order in which network config sources were considered, this
conflation didn't matter (and, indeed, in the default data source
configuration it will continue to not matter).

However, it _is_ desirable for a data source to be able to specify that
its network configuration should be preferred over the
initramfs-provided network configuration but still allow explicit
network-config=... configuration passed to the kernel cmdline to
continue to override both of those sources.

(This also modifies the Oracle data source to use read_initramfs_config
directly, which is effectively what it was using
read_kernel_cmdline_config for previously.)