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7bf988a... by Dan Watkins

packages: update rpm specs for new bash completion path

LP: #1825444

c8c3251... by "Jason Zions (MSFT)" <email address hidden>

test_azure: mock util.SeLinuxGuard where needed

Mock util.SeLinuxGuard to do nothing within tests that mock functions
used by the guard, when those mocks confuse the guard. This has no
impact when executing unit tests on systems which do not enable selinux
(e.g. Ubuntu).

LP: #1825253

947d3c2... by Dan Watkins

setup.py: install bash completion script in new location

Per lintian, this is the path at which bash completion scripts should
now be installed.

937555f... by Gonéri Le Bouder

mount_cb: do not pass sync and rw options to mount

On FreeBSD, mount_cd9660 does not accept the sync option that is enabled
by default. In addition, the sync is only useful with the `rw` mode.
However the `rw` mode was never used.

This patch removes the `rw` and `sync` parameter of `mount_cb` to
simplify the code base and resolve the FreeBSD issue.

LP: #1645824

9fc682c... by do3meli

cc_apt_configure: fix typo in apt documentation

6322c2d... by Dan Watkins

Revert "DataSource: move update_events from a class to an instance..."

Moving update_events from a class attribute to an instance attribute
means that it doesn't exist on DataSource objects that are unpickled,
causing tracebacks on cloud-init upgrade.

As this change is only required for cloud-init installations which don't
utilise ds-identify, we're backing it out to be reintroduced once the
upgrade path bug has been addressed.

This reverts commit f2fd6eac4407e60d0e98826ab03847dda4cde138.

b76714c... by Risto Oikarinen <email address hidden>

Change DataSourceNoCloud to ignore file system label's case.

NoCloud data source now accepts both 'cidata' and 'CIDATA'
as filesystem labels. This is similar to DataSourceConfigDrive's
support for 'config-2' and 'CONFIG-2'.

bdd9c0a... by Antonio Romito

cmd:main.py: Fix missing 'modules-init' key in modes dict

Cloud-init's main.py will fail when presented with a new
stage name 'modules-init' if upgrading an older cloud-init.
Fix this by initializing unknown stage names before accessing.

LP: #1815109

f247dd2... by Chad Smith

ubuntu_advantage: rewrite cloud-config module

ubuntu-advantage-tools version 19 has a different command line
interface. Update cloud-init's config module to accept new
ubuntu_advantage configuration settings.

* Underscores better than hyphens: deprecate 'ubuntu-advantage'
  cloud-config key in favor of 'ubuntu_advantage'
* Attach machines with either sso credentials of UA user_token
* Services are enabled by name though an 'enable' list
* Raise warnings if deprecated ubuntu-advantage config keys are
  present, or errors if its config we cannott adapt to

Ubuntu Advantage support can now be configured via #cloud-config
with the following yaml:

  token: 'thisismyubuntuadvantagetoken'
  enable: [esm, fips, livepatch]

Co-Authored-By: Daniel Watkins <email address hidden>

5283668... by "Jason Zions (MSFT)" <email address hidden>

Azure: Treat _unset network configuration as if it were absent

When the Azure datasource persists all of its metadata to the
instance directory, it deliberately sets the self.network_config
value to be the sources.UNSET value. The goal is to ensure that
each time the system boots, fresh network configuration data is
fetched from the cloud platform so that any control plane changes
will take effect. When a VM is first created, there's no pickled
instance to restore, so self._network_config is None, resulting
in self.network_config() properly building a new config. Azure
suffered from LP: #1801364 which prevented ds from being stored
in obj.pkl in the instance directory, so subsequent reboots always
regenerated their network configuration.

Commit 0dc3a77f41f4544e4cb5a41637af7693410d4cdf introduced a
new bug in which self.network_config() assumed the
self._network_config value was either None or trustable; when
the config was unpickled, that value was _unset, thus breaking
the assumption.

LP: #1823084