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1c10a9f... by Dan Watkins

analyze/show: remove trailing space in output

d68aa04... by Dan Watkins

.pylintrc: ignore missing enter_context members

Pylint has started (incorrectly) warning about these in some test cases,
so unbreak the build by ignoring them.

571f7c3... by Steve Ruan

Add datasource for ZStack platform.

Zstack platform provides a AWS Ec2 metadata service, and
identifies their platform to the guest by setting the 'chassis asset tag'
to a string that ends with '.zstack.io'.

LP: #1841181

4df0065... by Joshua Powers

docs: organize TOC and update summary of project

ac8ef3e... by Chad Smith

tools: make clean now cleans the dev directory, not the system

Remove pyc files, .tox directories and docs during make clean.

604463e... by Joshua Powers

docs: create cli specific page

This is formerly the capabilities page.

bc9f91c... by Joshua Powers

docs: added output examples to analyze.rst

1b15f8b... by Joshua Powers

docs: doc8 fixes for instancedata page

The huge table was scrolling off the page for me and it made more sense
to break this up and have sections for each item anyway.

083fdcd... by Joshua Powers

docs: clean up formatting, organize boot page

059d049... by Ryan Harper

net: add is_master check for filtering device list

Some network devices are transformed into a bond via kernel magic
and do not have the 'bonding' sysfs attribute, but like a bond they
have a duplicate MAC of other bond members. On Azure Advanced
Networking SRIOV devices are auto bonded and will have the same MAC
as the HyperV nic. We can detect this via the 'master' sysfs attribute
in the device sysfs path and this patch adds this to the list of devices
we ignore when enumerating device lists.

LP: #1844191