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342238b... by Jim Rollenhagen

Retire github mirror, repo moved to opendev

d9be397... by Ildar Svetlov

Convert event metadata timestamps to ISO 8601 format for ES

Change-Id: Ifdb74ae6c9b6ffaed164ed7e338f60165df0a15e

4ffa31b... by Nikita Karpin

Run hindsight on ubuntu 16.04

Change-Id: I4fa43e890dd99eab970a990410e4d9df27687357

6cda677... by Jenkins <email address hidden>

Merge "Fix heat-engine provider"

32d6e48... by Nikita Karpin

Fix heat-engine provider

Starting MOS 10.0 heat-engine isn't run under pacemaker,
so we need to unset the provider field.

Change-Id: I838feeb265bfc707628241f0e9da10a5c73838da
Closes-Bug: #1673074

8af2b09... by Alex Kholkin

add compatibility with newton-10.0

add compatibility with newton-10.0 in metadata.yaml file

Change-Id: I4b421f02ab0a43bcd4845386454d2f30e458472e
Closes-Bug: #1668617

086ea06... by Simon Pasquier

Fix lint errors in Puppet manifests

Change-Id: I42e998d6ccfc15976e64326f3ad118294e551184

0e55814... by Jenkins <email address hidden>

Merge "Remove empty fields from resource metadata"

0b9de5b... by Ildar Svetlov

Remove empty fields from resource metadata

Change-Id: I6d8b1678e2e26e541d41d5894890cad57f4488a8

66cecd7... by Jenkins <email address hidden>

Merge "Convert resource timestamps to RFC3339 format for ES"