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Recent revisions

13677. By Alexander Stavitskiy

OpenStack Compute LoadBalancer Kilo patch

Implemented functionality:
* overload,
* underload,
* suspend filter,
* max migrations filter.
Future release will contain:
* zoning,
* API,
* loadbalancer client

13676. By Jenkins <email address hidden>

Merge "hypervisor support matrix: add kvm on system z in kilo release" into stable/kilo

13675. By Jenkins <email address hidden>

Merge "Store context in local store after spawn_n" into stable/kilo

13674. By Jenkins <email address hidden>

Merge "Fix max_number for migrate_flavor data" into stable/kilo

13673. By Jenkins <email address hidden>

Merge "Make nova-manage handle completely missing flavor information" into stable/kilo

13672. By Jenkins <email address hidden>

Merge "Fixes TypeError when libvirt version is BAD_LIBVIRT_CPU_POLICY_VERSIONS" into stable/kilo

13671. By Jenkins <email address hidden>

Merge "Updated from global requirements" into stable/kilo

13670. By Jenkins <email address hidden>

Merge "network: fix instance cache refresh for empty list" into stable/kilo

13669. By Matt Riedemann

Reduce window for allocate_fixed_ip / release_fixed_ip race in nova-net

There is a race during allocate_fixed_ip where a new instance, B, is
associated with a fixed IP, X, which was previously associated with
instance A that is being deallocated.

Between the time that instance A is associated with fixed IP X and the
time that it's VIF is allocated, and fip.allocated = True in the DB, the
dhcpagent callback hits release_fixed_ip for the fixed IP X from when
instance A was deallocating.

release_fixed_ip checks to see if the instance is allocated and if not
it disassociates the instance, which was associated with new instance B.

This leads to get_instance_nw_info() not building anything since there
are no fixed IPs associated with instance A in the database, so
eventually anything needing to do networking with instance A, like
assocating a floating IP, fails.

To narrow the race, we do the VIF allocation before associating the
fixed IP to the new instance. This does not completely fix the bug, but
it's a tactical change that we can backport to stable branches while
working on the longer-term fix which is going to involve network RPC API
changes to release_fixed_ip().

Note that test_vpn_allocate_fixed_ip_no_network_id is removed since it
no longer works and arguably was testing the DB API in the wrong place,
so a new test is added to test_db_api for the same coverage.

Partial-Bug: #1249065

Change-Id: I8cf5483982085da57ee470fa2753b0d0aebc12b3
(cherry picked from commit 3736c120cbeacbc4349efbda99e279cddfb5f09e)

13668. By Jenkins <email address hidden>

Merge "Mark ironic credential config as secret" into stable/kilo

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