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29. By Jackson Doak on 2015-05-27

* Merge from debian. Remaining changes:
  - Split package into -base and -extra
* Put new OpenSubtitles plugin in -extra
* Upload to unstable.
* New upstream release.
* fix-dleyna-crash.patch:
  - Drop patch, it's already included in this release.
* old-bookmarks-plugin.patch:
  - Refresh.
* debian/control:
  - Update Standards-Version to 3.9.6 (no changes).
  - Update build dependency on libgrilo-0.2-dev to 0.2.12.
  - Update build dependency on libgdata-dev to 0.9.7.
  - Replace build dependency on libmediaart-1.0-dev with
    libmediaart-2.0-dev (Closes: #784678).
  - Add the new OpenSubtitles plugin to the package description.
* debian/copyright:
  - Update copyright years.

28. By Iain Lane on 2015-02-18

* Add a transitional package to protect upgraders.
* Consolidate -dbg packages into just one.

27. By Alberto Garcia on 2014-11-17

* libgom is still not available in Debian, so let's use the bookmarks
  plugin from 0.2.12, which does not depend on it.
  - old-bookmarks-plugin.patch: bring back the old code.
  - debian/control: add the plugin name to the package description.

26. By Alberto Garcia on 2014-11-16

* debian/control:
  - Add build dependency on librest-dev, needed by the Pocket
    plugin. This has been working so far because librest-dev is also
    a dependency of libgoa-1.0-dev, but we should not rely on that.
  - Make grilo-plugins recommend dleyna-server (Closes: #765986).
* fix-dleyna-crash.patch:
  - Fix crash due to variable redefinition (Closes: #769357).

25. By Alberto Garcia on 2014-08-27

* New upstream release (Closes: #750038).
* debian/control:
  - Replace the UPnP plugin with the new dLeyna plugin.
  - Disable the Bookmarks plugin since it now requires libgom, which is
    not available in Debian.
  - Add build dependencies on libarchive-dev and python-dbusmock.
  - Drop the build dependencies on gupnp, gupnp-av and libgcrypt.
  - Bump the build dependencies on libglib2.0-dev and libgrilo-0.2-dev.
* debian/grilo-plugins-0.2.lintian-overrides:
  - Ignore hardening warnings, the strncpy() and gethostname() calls in
    grl-dleyna-utils.c are guaranteed to have enough space.

24. By Iain Lane on 2014-07-15

No-change rebuild against libgdata19

23. By Alberto Garcia on 2014-05-27

* Enable the Pocket plugin:
  - debian/control: set libgoa dependency to >= 3.11.4 and update
    package description.
  - debian/rules: remove the --disable-pocket option.

22. By Alberto Garcia on 2014-05-12

* debian/control:
  - Build using libtracker-sparql-1.0-dev (Closes: #741423).

21. By Alberto Garcia on 2014-03-21

* debian/install:
  - Install translation files and Lua scripts for the grl-lua-factory

20. By Alberto Garcia on 2014-03-20

* New upstream release.
* debian/control:
  - Update build dependency on grilo to 2.10.
  - Add build dependencies on liblua5.2-dev and libmediaart-1.0-dev.
  - Replace Guardian Videos plugin with Lua Factory in the description.
* debian/rules:
  - Enable parallel builds.
* debian/grilo-plugins-0.2.lintian-overrides:
  - Ignore hardening warnings, the strcpy() call in grl-lua-library.c is
    guaranteed to have enough space.

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