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655. By Jackson Doak on 2014-12-20

Drop our revert_git_dont_hide_zoom.patch, no longer needed.

654. By Jackson Doak on 2014-12-19

add patches

653. By Jackson Doak on 2014-12-19

* Merge with Debian, remaining changes: LP: #1399047
  + debian/patches:
    - revert_git_new_bluetooth_panel.patch,
       Revert bluetooth back to Bluez4
    - 52_region_language.patch
      Adapt region panel to use Ubuntu style regions and UTF-8
    - 56_use_ubuntu_info_branding.patch,
       Use Ubuntu GNOME branding
    - 64_restore_terminal_keyboard_shortcut.patch
       Bring back terminal shortcut
    - 92_ubuntu_system_proxy.patch
       Add system proxy support
    - 99_add_lock-on-suspend.patch
       Add option to lock on suspend
    - revert_git_dont_hide_zoom.patch
       Bring back zoom settings
    - revert_git_drop_library.patch,
       Reimplement support for external panels
  + debian/control.in:
    - Relax build-deps on gnome-bluetooth
    - Drop Recommends for packages not in main
    - Various other Ubuntu specific changes
  + debian/libgnome-control-center1.symbols:
    - Add new symbols from external panel patch
  + debian/gnome-control-center-data.install:
    - don't install the pkla yet
  + Split out shared data that is used by unity-control-center
  + Add a wrapper to run unity-control-center in Unity
  + Install apport hook
* Remove system-config-printer recommendation.
* New upstream translation and bugfix release.
  + Disables SSLv3 because POODLE.
* 30_stack_overflow.patch: patch from upstream git. Prevents stack
  overflow in sharing panel.
* 31_printers_border.patch: patch from upstream git. Removes unwanted
  border around printer model name.
* New upstream release.
* debian/control.in: Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.6 (no further changes)
* Bump gnome-settings-daemon dependency
  - 'org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.media-keys' key 'control-center'
    added during 3.13 and needed by gnome-control-center keyboard panel.
* Drop Recommends on ntp since we now rely on systemd-timesyncd for
  automatic time (and AIUI ntp integration in gnome never really worked
  anyway because of the default configuration the debian package shipped).
* New upstream release.
* Upload to unstable.
* Add cracklib-runtime to Recommends, it's needed for password changing.
* New upstream development release.
* Update build-dependencies according to configure.ac changes:
  - Bump gsettings-desktop-schemas-dev to (>= 3.13.91)
  - Drop libgnome-menu-3-dev
  - Bump libgtk-3-dev to (>= 3.13.0)
* Update dependencies:
  - Drop gnome-menus
  - Bump gsettings-desktop-schemas to (>= 3.13.91)
* Add debian/patches/07_polkit_wheel_sudo_group.patch: The "wheel" group is
  not existing on debian, check if the user is member of the "sudo" group
  instead (Closes: #760722)
* Update debian/gnome-control-center.pkla with what is currently listed
  in upstreams panels/common/gnome-control-center.rules since we don't yet
  have/depend-on policykit-1 >= 0.106 which means the rules file is still
  unused. This fixes automatic time/timezone, etc.

652. By Martin Pitt on 2014-10-30

releasing package gnome-control-center version 1:3.12.1-5ubuntu3

651. By Martin Pitt on 2014-10-30

Drop power-panel-3.10.patch and bump upower build dep to >= 0.99.
(LP: #1330037)

650. By Robert Ancell on 2014-10-01

releasing package gnome-control-center version 1:3.12.1-5ubuntu2

649. By Robert Ancell on 2014-10-01

Disable datetime plugin since it requires geoclue-2.0 which is in universe

648. By Martin Pitt on 2014-09-30

releasing package gnome-control-center version 1:3.12.1-5ubuntu1

647. By Tim Lunn on 2014-09-30

merge with 1:3.12.1-5 from Debian

646. By Robert Ancell on 2014-08-20

Actually do a no change rebuild against new libgtop

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