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Noorez (noorez-kassam) wrote :

Here is what I was observing:

Without this fix, during boot, the message "Serious errors were found while searching for /" appears. While attempting to diagnose this problem, I attempted to boot into recovery mode. While in recovery I attempted to remount the the root filesystem (at this point the loop install) as rw but this failed.

The bug report indicates that changing the kernel option to 'rw' remedies this problem. And while in recovery mode, this also allows the loop device to be remounted as read-write/read-only at will.

After doing a quick search, it appears that once a loop device is created as read-only, it cannot be changed. The 'ro' option is given to the loop device (in a loop install the host file system is always mounted read-write) and so it seems that we cannot change it to read-write later on. If however we pre-configure the loop device in read-write mode, even though we initially mount the filesystem as read-only (the kernel option we pass in), we can then remount it as read-write and the system appears to boot correctly after this.

> Thanks for your work. I am not quite sure what you are trying to fix here.
> Could you please give some information as to why you want to change the
> behavior such that the loop mount can be remounted read-write? Is there a part
> of the update process that requires that?
> Reading the report, it seems that lupin-install uses the correct version of
> GRUB. Should the fix instead be made elsewhere to make sure this gets done
> properly with grub?
> Thanks again.

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