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Description of the change

Unity's source directory is a complete mess after Natty. We were building the shell plugin from the toplevel directory, but had the other plugins in their own, named, directories. This not only made everything look bad, it caused deeper issues such as all the CFLAGS set in the toplevel directory to build Unity were being inherited by all the sub-directories, which is obviously not ideal. Specifically, this showed up when I was trying to make the panel-service continue to use gtk2 while letting the rest of Unity use gtk3.

So, I've done the following:

- Put all plugins under plugins/$plugin_name
- Moved data of a plugin into it's own folder next to the source
- Updated the shared library to UnityCore, producing libunity-core-4.0 and unity-core-4.0.pc
- Make Unity depend and link to UnityCore
- Made panel-service gtk2 for now
- Updated Unity to handle a gtk2 panel service (10 line diff)
- Fixed Unity's usage of gtk3 when drawing the panel
- Made UnityCore useful by putting in the things we hope to share with unity-qt

The two outstanding things are:

- Reduce the amount of compilation
- Clean up tests so they are either next to what they are testing or at least organised to easily see which set of tests are for which parts of the code

There must be some other fixes, but this is all I can remember

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lp:~njpatel/unity/the-big-reshuffle updated
1255. By Neil J. Patel

Make everything depend on itself, because it was too hard to just build sub-directories in order

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Gord Allott (gordallott) wrote :

+1 - only skimmed a lot of the changes, but otherwise seems to work well

review: Approve
lp:~njpatel/unity/the-big-reshuffle updated
1256. By Neil J. Patel

fix documentation generation for the nation

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