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Proposed by Nekhelesh Ramananthan on 2012-02-22
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Matthew Paul Thomas (community) design Disapprove on 2012-03-01
Ubuntu branches 2012-02-22 Pending
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Description of the change

Added quicklist support to ubuntu software center.

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Michael Hall (mhall119) wrote :

Is the %s in the Add/Edit PPAs intentional? What does it do in the Quicklist?

Michael Hall (mhall119) wrote :

%u, not %s

Nekhelesh Ramananthan (nik90) wrote :

My mistake. It is not required. Should I upload again with the change?

181. By Nekhelesh Ramananthan <email address hidden> on 2012-02-22

Added ubuntu software center quicklists

Nekhelesh Ramananthan (nik90) wrote :

Corrected the mistake.

Kiwinote (kiwinote) wrote :

Hi Nekhelesh!

Thanks a lot for your contribution to software-center!

Although it is pretty awesome that you want to help make software-center better, I have a few reservations about these quicklists:
- As for the 'Update Manager' quicklist - it makes me slightly uncomfortable that we would have a quicklist to an external application (ie quicklists make more sense for actions within software-center itself). Software-center doesn't have a dependency on update-manager and we don't really want to add one, which would result in broken quicklists in noncommon configurations. Furthermore availability of updates is already handled sufficiently by the system, eg 'updates available' is listed in the system/session indicator and if I'm not mistaken update-manager still automatically opens itself once in a while too.
- As for the 'Add/Edit PPA' quicklist, this is technical jargon so will confuse many people. It could be renamed to 'Software Sources' as in the software-center menu, but even so I'm not really convinced that we want to make adding untrusted software possible straight from the desktop as it messes up many installations.

Hopefully this makes a bit of sense! So in short, I myself don't really think that we should add any quicklists to software-center at this stage, but there are another few software-center developers about too, so you may still be in luck ;)

In any case I would really like to thank you for your contribution - it's always pretty cool to see people who want to help make software-center better!

Nekhelesh Ramananthan (nik90) wrote :

Hi Kiwinote,

After reading your comment, I also feel that the Update manager quicklist should be removed since it is an external application and is also easily available from multiple places. As for the Add/Edit PPA I think once it is renamed to "Software Sources" it might be handy since this is an LTS release and people generally don't get the latest software once Ubuntu 12.10 and later releases come. In that sense it might be helpful. I am having mixed feeling regarding this.

Hopefully other developers can provide more insight on this.

Michael Hall (mhall119) wrote :

Recently a new specification[1] has been approved for providing desktop-agnostic shortcuts. The Quicklist documentation has been updated to coincide with this new spec[2].

Since this is now an official standard, and will benefit environments other than Unity, we encourage you to change your code to match. This will require the following changes:
1) Change "X-Ayatana-Desktop-Shortcuts" to just "Actions"
2) Change each section from "[<action> Shortcut Group]" to "[Desktop Action <action>]"
3) Remove "TargetEnvironment=Unity"
4) Change your Name= entry to use Title Case[3] (capitalizing important words)

Please update this merge proposal with these changes so they can be included in the upcoming release of Ubuntu. Please also make sure you submit them to the upstream developers so they can be included there in future versions.


Nekhelesh Ramananthan (nik90) wrote :

@Michael Hall, Is this merge proposal still valid? The Ubuntu Software Center is a high profile application. Hence the quicklist need more design review. Kiwinote had some valid points regarding the quicklist.

Matthew Paul Thomas (mpt) wrote :

Thanks for the contribution, but I agree with Kiwinote: Update Manager and Software Sources (however it is labelled) aren't appropriate items for a USC quicklist.

review: Disapprove (design)
Sebastien Bacher (seb128) wrote :

Setting to "Work in progres" until the issues described before are address, set it back to "needs review" when you will be ready for review

Nekhelesh Ramananthan (nik90) wrote :

> Setting to "Work in progres" until the issues described before are address,
> set it back to "needs review" when you will be ready for review

I would like to delete this merge proposal since the from the comments above, the quicklist for software center requires discussion which is not possible at this stage of the cycle.

Unmerged revisions

181. By Nekhelesh Ramananthan <email address hidden> on 2012-02-22

Added ubuntu software center quicklists

180. By Nekhelesh Ramananthan <email address hidden> on 2012-02-22

Added ubuntu software center quicklists

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1=== modified file 'data/'
2--- data/ 2011-09-09 11:46:15 +0000
3+++ data/ 2012-02-22 15:14:19 +0000
4@@ -10,3 +10,14 @@
5 MimeType=application/x-deb;application/x-debian-package;x-scheme-handler/apt;
6 StartupNotify=true
7 X-Ubuntu-Gettext-Domain=software-center
10+[SoftwareUpdates Shortcut Group]
11+Name=Update Manager
12+Exec=update-manager -c
15+[SoftwareProperties Shortcut Group]
16+Name=Add/Edit PPA
17+Exec=gksu software-properties-gtk


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