Merge lp:~nik90/ubuntu/precise/remmina/add_quicklist into lp:ubuntu/precise/remmina

Proposed by Nekhelesh Ramananthan on 2012-02-23
Status: Merged
Merge reported by: Sebastien Bacher
Merged at revision: not available
Proposed branch: lp:~nik90/ubuntu/precise/remmina/add_quicklist
Merge into: lp:ubuntu/precise/remmina
Diff against target: 18 lines (+11/-0)
1 file modified
remmina/desktop/remmina.desktop (+11/-0)
To merge this branch: bzr merge lp:~nik90/ubuntu/precise/remmina/add_quicklist
Reviewer Review Type Date Requested Status
Michael Hall (community) Needs Fixing on 2012-02-28
Sebastien Bacher Needs Fixing on 2012-02-27
Ubuntu branches 2012-02-23 Pending
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Description of the change

Remmina Quicklist support added

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Sebastien Bacher (seb128) wrote :

Thank you for your work, some comments:

- could you send that upstream as well and add the bug reference here
- those items need to use the standard menus style, i.e "Create New Connection Profile" and "Start Remmina Minimized"

review: Needs Fixing
Michael Hall (mhall119) wrote :

Thanks so much for your submission!

Unfortunately your submission is for a package that can only be translated by the upstream developers, so you will need to send your changes to them first. If they are accepted by the upstream project, they will then be included in the next release of Ubuntu.

Recently a new specification[1] has been approved for providing desktop-agnostic shortcuts. The Quicklist documentation has been updated to coincide with this new spec[2].

Since this is now an official standard, and will benefit environments other than Unity, we encourage you to change your code to match. This will require the following changes:
1) Change "X-Ayatana-Desktop-Shortcuts" to just "Actions"
2) Change each section from "[<action> Shortcut Group]" to "[Desktop Action <action>]"
3) Remove "TargetEnvironment=Unity"
4) Change your Name= entry to use Title Case[3] (capitalizing important words)

Please make these changes and submit them to the upstream projects so they can be included in future versions of project and future releases of Ubuntu.


review: Needs Fixing
18. By Nekhelesh Ramananthan <email address hidden> on 2012-02-29

Updated quicklist according to latest specifications

Nekhelesh Ramananthan (nik90) wrote :

@Michael Hall, I visited their website where they mention that translations are now done in Launchpad which are imported before a new release. You can read it here

Also I visited their forums which you can see for yourself does not have any recent activity at all. Infact the last post in the development forum was on the 25th Jan 2012. What do I do? I am unable to find where their code is hosted.

Michael Hall (mhall119) wrote :

Ah, you are right, Remmina has been moved to the Main repository for 12.04, so you should be all set with these changes.

Thanks again.

Nekhelesh Ramananthan (nik90) wrote :

I like someone to confirm this. I found the upstream hosted at github ( I added a merge request which has been immediately accepted. Here is the merge history for remmina.

Is this sufficient or am I doing something wrong here?

Sebastien Bacher (seb128) wrote :

That looks great Nekhelesh, thanks for your work! We will make sure that's shipped in precise. One small comment, the OnlyShowIn should have have a trailing ";", i.e "OnlyShowIn=Unity;", the current way will probably work in practice but will trigger warning about the syntax when given to parser tools

Sebastien Bacher (seb128) wrote :

(just noticed that the wiki instructions have that mistake, I will get that fixed as well)

Michael Hall (mhall119) wrote :

Wiki has been updated

19. By Nekhelesh Ramananthan <email address hidden> on 2012-03-01

Correct mistake in quicklists

Nekhelesh Ramananthan (nik90) wrote :

I have made the changes and have also uploaded them upstream.

Sebastien Bacher (seb128) wrote :

Thanks, uploaded to precise. Since you have a bug upstream could you maybe also open a bug to point them that their .desktop is not translatable?

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=== modified file 'remmina/desktop/remmina.desktop'
--- remmina/desktop/remmina.desktop 2012-02-15 13:27:09 +0000
+++ remmina/desktop/remmina.desktop 2012-03-01 00:29:18 +0000
@@ -9,4 +9,15 @@
14[Desktop Action Profile]
15Name=Create a New Connection Profile
16Exec=remmina --new
19[Desktop Action Tray]
20Name=Start Remmina Minimized
21Exec=remmina --icon


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