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93b070c... by Mat

Version 3.2.9 (#2429)

3c703f5... by Mat

Avoid storing file attribute types as strings (part 2)

5a7673d... by slook <email address hidden>

Update for Nicotine+ 3.2.9.dev1 (#2427)

b86b9cb... by Mat

Update release notes

bb21aad... by Mat set ext to None instead of empty string

982ef87... by Mat ignore file extension attribute

The file extension attribute is no longer used, and wastes memory.

092af09... by Mat

Avoid storing file attribute types as strings

Hundreds of thousands of strings take up a lot of memory.

2c1541f... by Mat set homogenenous property for certain rows

40ab91c... by Mat translate UI strings using Python's gettext

I've had enough of the dll/dylib hacks to get translations working on Windows and macOS.
Just translate strings in UI files like we do in Python code.

858f967... by Mat

Rename zh_Hans -> zh_CN

zh_Hans is newer, but gettext doesn't use it.