Code review comment for lp:~nick-dedekind/unity8/StrFTimeFormatter

Nick Dedekind (nick-dedekind) wrote :

> This patch doesn't check the return value of strftime() and might thus pass an
> uninitialized buffer into QString().
> According to strftime(3), the return value of that function is 0 when the
> resulting string is longer than the passed in buffer. However, it can also be
> 0 when the resulting string is legitimately empty. For example, when the
> format string is "".
> I think the best solution is to prepend a " " to the format string. That way,
> the return value is never smaller than 1, unless there's an error. And then
> simply return QString(buffer + 1).
> You could also use g_date_time_format(), which supports all of the POSIX
> formats as well.

GDateTime it is.
Renamed to GDateTimeFormatter as well.

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