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Christian Dywan (kalikiana) wrote :

Albert, when I asked in IRC I was told Unity was the only currently known use case. It's not about whether I can envision use cases but we need to know who will use the API so that we know if it actually solves the problem.

Thanks for the blueprint!
The point "Timestamps displayed differently depending on the available space" needs clarification. Is this explicitly to be done by the application or part of the formatter?

Please extend API proposal 1 to incorporate the relative time formatter. This makes more sense to Tim and I than an entierely new component which only has one feature. I imagine it could be as simple as i18n.relativeTime(timestamp) and i18n.absoluteTime(timestamp) - the unit test don't currently cover the latter but the spec lists it as a use case.
A short brainstorming meeting might be helpful, if you're interested we should arrange one in IRC.

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