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2858. By Alexander Sack on 2008-11-28

* (merge) 0.7~~svn20081018t105859-0ubuntu1.8.10.1 ubuntu/intrepid-proposed
  from stable intrepid branch: lp:~network-manager/network-manager/ubuntu.intrepid.07

2857. By Alexander Sack on 2008-10-22

* merge further ifupdown unmanagedautoconnect fixes from ubuntu0.7 branch

2856. By Alexander Sack on 2008-10-22

(merge) rev 2956 from lp:~network-manager/network-manager/ubuntu.0.7 to hardy branch

* fix LP: #279262 - [regression] network-manager unmanaged mode sets devices
  to unmanaged that were managed in hardy; for unmanaged mode we make IFUPDOWN
  system config plugin only blacklist devices that have a "auto" entry in
  - add debian/patches/012-IFUPDOWN-unmanage-autoconnect-only.patch
  - update debian/patches/series
* new upstream snapshot Sat 2008-10-18 10:58:59 +0000 (rev 3648)
  from lp:~vcs-imports/network-manager/main. Includes:
  + (bzr3642) proper wireless capability detection
    - update src/nm-device-wifi.c
  + update translations nb
* More cherry-picks:
  + (bzr3650) Updated Belarusian Latin translation.
    - update <email address hidden>
* Changes in upstream snapshot that don't affect directly produced binary
  + (bzr3645) NA/openvpn: support .cer and .crt certificates for openvpn (related
    to LP: #270762)
    - update vpn-daemons/openvpn/properties/auth-helpers.c
  + (bzr3646) NA/openvpn: The "Certificates (TLS)" tab should also be
    present for NM_OPENVPN_CONTYPE_PASSWORD (LP: #280429)
    - update vpn-daemons/openvpn/properties/auth-helpers.c
  + updated vpn translations es, sv
* new upstream snapshot Wed 2008-10-15 22:47:38 +0000 (bzrrev 3641)
- a few more follow up fixes for routing routing/subnet/vpn handling.
new upstream snapshot Wed 2008-10-15 02:46:26 +0000 (bzrrev 3637); topic:
- more vpn and routing fixes
* drop upstreamed IFUPDOWN patches
  - delete debian/patches/003-IFUPDOWN-remove-unused-callbacks.loom.patch
  - delete debian/patches/004-IFUPDOWN-devtracking.loom.patch
  - delete debian/patches/005-IFUPDOWN-unmanaged-mode.loom.patch
  - delete debian/patches/006-IFUPDOWN-parse-system-settings.loom.patch
  - delete debian/patches/007-IFUPDOWN-managed-mode.loom.patch
* adjust patches that didnt apply cleanly anymore
  - update debian/patches/008-BACKEND-debian-fallback-to-generic-loopback.loom.patch
* fix eventual restart races by --retry'ing at least 5 seconds for NM to stop
  in init script

* debian/network-manager.postinst:
  - Set startup priority to be lower than Ubiquity to allow only-ubiquity
    installs to have network access. (LP: #277302)

2855. By Alexander Sack on 2008-10-13

* fix hardy PPA build by going for automake 1.10 and explictily adding
  libxml-parser-perl to build depends
  - update debian/rules
  - update debian/control

2854. By Alexander Sack on 2008-10-13

(merge) 0.7~~svn20081008t224042-0ubuntu3 to ubuntu/intrepid

2853. By Alexander Sack on 2008-10-11

(merge) RELEASE 0.7~~svn20081008t224042-0ubuntu2 to ubuntu/intrepid

2852. By Alexander Sack on 2008-10-09

* merge RELEASE 0.7~~svn20081008t224042-0ubuntu1 to ubuntu/intrepid

2851. By Alexander Sack on 2008-10-06

* MERGE RELEASE 0.7~~svn20081004t225044-0ubuntu1 to ubuntu/intrepid

2850. By Alexander Sack on 2008-09-30

* update hostname fix patch to always use the value from /etc/hostname
  - update debian/patches/lp276253_fix_system_hostname.patch

2849. By Alexander Sack on 2008-09-30

* LP: #276253 - NM 0.7 sets hostname to localhost.localdomain instead of
  what is in /etc/hostname - we fallback to hostname configured in
  /etc/hostname even when no distro specific system plugin is enabled.
  - add debian/patches/fix_system_hostname.patch
  - update debian/patches/series

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