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6ecb65e... by Aron Xu

Cherry pick upstream fixes

 - supplicant-fix-detection-of-EAP-FAST.patch
 - vpn-add-device-route-to-VPN-gateway-if-parent-has-no.patch

c3d1ba8... by Iain Lane

Finalise changelog

5ed8c54... by Iain Lane

debian/rules: Use dh_install --fail-missing

98cbc71... by Iain Lane

Install usr/share/vala/vapi/libnm-glib.* again (LP: #1650972)

c4451a1... by Iain Lane

debian/patches/nm-manager-Use-g_dbus_message_new_method_error_liter.patch: Take patch from upstream bug #780444 by Rico Tzschichholz to fix FTBFS with new GLib.

b2bcc9a... by Barry Warsaw


c86a11b... by Barry Warsaw

Cherry-pick back 98974a88 and 47c16e59

74f78d0... by Martin Pitt

Disable resolvconf support

This is broken with DNS plugins other than "dnsmasq" -- it still writes into resolvconf as a nameserver, but this does not exist any more and
will also shadow resolved's stub server on

This ought to be fixed more properly in the future.

0daf8f8... by Martin Pitt

Re-drop dnsmasq in zesty, in favor of systemd-resolved

But don't Recommend libnss-resolve, because the local resolver +
should suffice for all uses and the resolved nss module is unnecessary added

We need to specify "dns=systemd-resolved" as for the time being our
/etc/resolv.conf points to resolvconf's generated file instead of
systemd-resolved's, so the auto-detection does not work. Do that in a separate
conf.d file in /usr to avoid unnecessary conffile prompts in the future. The
user can still override it in /etc.

LP: #1638836

1564f7d... by Barry Warsaw

Applying release details.