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a8a385a... by Jeremy Bicha

releasing package network-manager version 1.2.6-0ubuntu1

1639bf1... by Aron Xu

Update changelog for yakkety SRU of 1.2.6

cab2834... by Aron Xu

Refreshing patches, dropped ones that are merged upstream:
 - wifi-clear-WiFi-requested_scan-if-suppl-exits.patch
 - wifi-clear-WiFi-requested_scan-if-suppl-goes-INACTIV.patch

642cf12... by Aron Xu

Imported Upstream version 1.2.6

c76d974... by Martin Pitt

releasing package network-manager version 1.2.4-0ubuntu1

7869e67... by Martin Pitt

debian/tests/*rfkill*: Fix dependency resolution if rfkill is built in

1836652... by Martin Pitt

Switch back to dns=dnsmasq for Ubuntu 16.10

We still don't have a DNS plugin for resolved, and don't want to break
domain-specific DNS servers for the final release.

e274ac3... by Martin Pitt

debian/tests/killswitches-no-urfkill: Make the script work with set -e

So that we don't try to run tests after compile errors.

5fbc4bd... by Martin Pitt

debian/tests/*rfkill*: Load fake-rfkill.ko's dependencies before trying to insserv it

This started being necessary with kernel 4.8 as rfkill is now a module, or does
not get loaded by something else any more.

LP: #1626568

756271b... by Martin Pitt

debian/tests/wpa-dhclient: Don't assume that the IPv6 prefix length from the DHCP server is /64

This got changed/fixed in isc-dhcp recently.

LP: #1609898