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54dc30d... by Lukas Märdian

Update changelog for 1.44.2-7ubuntu2

e6aa788... by Lukas Märdian

debian/tests: Clearly mark regular expressions, to avoid SyntaxWarning

This fixes autopkgtests on Python3.12, failing due to stderr output.

fde49cc... by Jeremy Bícha

releasing package network-manager version 1.44.2-7ubuntu1

20ebf43... by Jeremy Bícha

Merge tag 'debian/1.44.2-7' into ubuntu/master

network-manager Debian release 1.44.2-7

* tag 'debian/1.44.2-7':
  Release version 1.44.2-7 to unstable
  d/control: Explicitly build-depend on gir1.2-girepository-2.0
  Release version 1.44.2-6 to unstable
  Revert "Add versioned Breaks against isc-dhcp-client"
  Release version 1.44.2-5 to unstable
  Add versioned Breaks against isc-dhcp-client
  Replace systemd Build-Depends with systemd-dev
  Release version 1.44.2-4 to unstable
  core: propagate the user-requested reason for act-request disconnection
  Ship /etc/NetworkManager/VPN directory in network-manager package
  Fix typo in latest NEWS entry
  Release version 1.44.2-3 to unstable
  Install helper binaries into /usr/libexec
  Move systemd services files and udev rules to /usr
  Release version 1.44.2-2 to unstable
  Stop executing ifupdown hook scripts on network state changes
  Release version 1.44.2-1 to unstable
  Rebase patches
  New upstream version 1.44.2
  New upstream version 1.44.2

535ecf9... by Michael Biebl

Release version 1.44.2-7 to unstable

d864c0c... by Simon McVittie

d/control: Explicitly build-depend on gir1.2-girepository-2.0

This is currently a virtual package provided by gir1.2-glib-2.0, but it
will need to be split into a separate package during the
GNOME 46/GLib 2.79.x cycle.

Making this dependency explicit will also help to keep track of which
packages will need coordination when PyGI switches from GIRepository 2.0
to GIRepository 3.0, which again is likely to happen during the GNOME 46

Closes: #1059623

0d7c4c2... by Michael Biebl

Release version 1.44.2-6 to unstable

335978a... by Michael Biebl

Revert "Add versioned Breaks against isc-dhcp-client"

This reverts commit 9d27cb91cdde52bbb5ff06ce648eff7efdfba8b9.

Having a Breaks against isc-dhcp-client can lead to unwanted package
removals by apt. As the default dhcp backend in network-manager has been
switched from dhclient to internal, the Breaks is not strictly necessary.

Users that have explicitly configured "dhcp=dhclient" are advised to
switch to the internal option (recommended) or temporarily disable the
sbin.dhclient AppArmor profile shipped by isc-dhcp-client until #1055067
is fixed.

Closes: #1056638

603cd00... by Michael Biebl

Release version 1.44.2-5 to unstable

9d27cb9... by Michael Biebl

Add versioned Breaks against isc-dhcp-client

The AppArmor policy in isc-dhcp-client needs to be updated to account
for the move of the nm-dhcp-helper binary to /usr/libexec.

Closes: #1056313