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18cfd9c... by Iain Lane

Finalise changelog

58e31e1... by Iain Lane

Update changelog with bug reference

9ea8c60... by Iain Lane

Update DEP-3 headers

commit ID -> commit ID in nm-1-26 branch
Applied-Upstream -> version this patch is in
Bug-Ubuntu -> Added, link to

Gbp-Dch: Ignore

b566e7b... by Leon Liao

platform: add the NM_SETTING_WIRELESS_WAKE_ON_WLAN_IGNORE status check

1f8873d... by Sebastien Bacher

upload to focal

71cf6e1... by Sebastien Bacher

* debian/rules:
  - the iptables binary is in /usr/sbin now, use the correct location in
    the configure. Should fix the hotspot feature not working in GNOME
    on upgraded systems which haven't been usrmerged.
    (lp: #1870359)

966b96d... by Sebastien Bacher

restore vcs information update to focal

5d142df... by Seyeong Kim

Import Debian changes 1.22.10-1ubuntu2

network-manager (1.22.10-1ubuntu2) focal; urgency=medium

  * d/t/killswitches-no-urfkill
    - Call udevadm settle before nmcli radio wifi
      To make sure that change is updated. (LP: #1733321)

ec79802... by Sebastien Bacher

update the vcs for focal

22ebc7e... by Sebastien Bacher

upload to focal